Posted by: quiscus | February 17, 2013

February 17, 2013

1. ” Hollywood and the Past

History is commonly regarded as an attempt to produce a structured account of the past. It proclaims to tell us what really happened, but in most cases it fails to do that. Instead it is set to conceal our shame, to hide those various elements, events, incidents and occurrences in our past which we cannot cope with. History, therefore, can be regarded as a system of concealment. Accordingly, the role of the true historian is similar to that of the psychoanalyst: both aim to unveil the repressed. For the psychoanalyst, it is the unconscious mind. For the historian, it is our collective shame.

Yet, one may wonder, how many historians really engage in such a task? How many historians are courageous enough to open the Pandora Box? How many historians are brave enough to challenge Jewish History for real? How many historians dare to ask why Jews? Why do Jews suffer time after time? Is it really the Goyim who are inherently murderous, or is there something unsettling in Jewish culture or collectivism? But Jewish history is obviously far from being alone here: every people’s past is, in fact, as problematic. Can Palestinians really explain to themselves how is it that after more than a century of struggle, they wake up to find out that their current capital has become a NGO haven largely funded by George Soros’ Open Society? Can the Brits once and for all look in the mirror and explain to themselves why, in their Imperial Wars Museum, they erected a Holocaust exhibition dedicated to the destruction of the Jews? Shouldn’t the Brits be slightly more courageous and look into one of the many Shoas they themselves inflicted on others? Clearly they have an impressive back catalogue to choose from.

The Guardian vs. Athens

The past is dangerous territory; it can induce inconvenient stories. This fact alone may explain why the true Historian is often presented as a public enemy. However, the Left has invented an academic method to tackle the issue. The ‘progressive’ historian functions to produce a ‘politically correct’, ‘inoffensive’ tale of the past. By means of zigzagging, it navigates its way, while paying its dues to the concealed and producing endless ad-hoc deviations that leave the ‘repressed’ untouched. The progressive subject is there to produce a ‘non- essentialist’ and ‘unoffending’ account of the past on the expense of the so-called ‘reactionary’. The Guardian is an emblem of such an approach, it would, for instance, ban any criticism of Jewish culture or Jewishness, yet it provides a televised platform for two rabid Zionist so they can discuss Arab culture and Islamism. The Guardian wouldn’t mind offending ‘Islamists’ or British ‘nationalists’ but it would be very careful not to hurt any Jewish sensitivities. Such version of politics or the past is impervious to truthfulness, coherence, consistency or integrity. In fact, the progressive discourse is far from being ‘the guardian of the truth’, it is actually set as ‘the guardian of the discourse’ and I am referring here to Left discourse in particular.

But surely there is an alternative to the ‘progressive’ attitude to the past. The true historian is actually a philosopher – an essentialist – a thinker who posits the question ‘what does it mean to be in the world and what does it take to live amongst others’? The true historian transcends beyond the singular, the particular and the personal. He or she is searching for the condition of the possibility of that which drives our past, present and future. The true historian dwells on Being and Time, he or she is searching for a humanist lesson and an ethical insight while looking into the poem, the art, the beauty, the reason but also into the fear. The true historian is an essentialist who digs out the concealed, for he or she knows that the repressed is the kernel of the truth.

Leo Strauss provides us with a very useful insight in that regard. Western civilization, he contends, oscillates between two intellectual and spiritual poles – Athens and Jerusalem. Athens — the birthplace of democracy, home for reason, philosophy, art and science. Jerusalem — the city of God where God’s law prevails. The philosopher, the true historian, or the essentialist, for that matter, is obviously the Athenian. The Jerusalemite, in that regard, is ‘the guardian of the discourse’, the one who keeps the gate, just to maintain law and order on the expense of ecstasies, poesis, beauty, reason and truth.”

2. ” Sleeping Through the Coup

“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”
Milan Kundera

Let’s face it, most of our fellow Americans are just that: Forgetting. How many out there have been narcotized by this previous installment of the infamous Presidential Horserace? In 2008 we had the rallying cry of ‘Hope and Change ‘from eight repressive years of the Bush gang. Military spending was at an all time high up to that point. We had false flag invasions and occupations of two sovereign nations. In Iraq alone we had over a dozen permanent military bases. Four thousand of our young soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, were dead. Perhaps two or three times those numbers included the permanent disabilities or slow death caused by our depleted uranium weapons, lack of sustainable drinking water and electricity (for the Iraqis… our guys at least got the very best in accommodations) … you get my drift. We imprisoned many men and women incommunicado at Gitmo for years with no hearings and no trials. Mr. Obama came in and many out there were ready for some real viable change. It never occurred. Read my lips: We will never fully end our military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan… and throughout this planet! Regardless of whether Romney or Obama won the election, the occupations would continue at some level or another. The military industrial sharks will keep getting the bulk of our hard earned tax dollars (from previous columns of mine you should know that over 50 cents of each federal tax dollar collected goes down this wormhole).

While this is all happening, where are our dear friends and neighbors? Call me crazy, but when I tune into any basketball or football game and see the stands filled with people wearing the same colored shirts and chanting those same mantras… Nuremburg rallies circa 1930s? Yes, the same passion and the same similar obedient mindset scare the hell out of me. Just like with what occurred after September 11, 2001 throughout America… obedience and hatred right out of Orwell’s 1984.If you dared to doubt the official government explanation of what brought those three buildings down (I include the very suspicious Bldg # 7)… you were a ‘terrorist lover ‘. When the Bush gang illegally and disingenuously took us into a war on Iraq… dissent meant treason. Phil Donohue had his truly fair and balanced cable talk show taken off the air right as we were ready to bomb the hell out of Iraq. As the fusillade continued, little lemming newscaster (?) Katie Couric shouted out through the halls of NBC “Marines Rock! “.Dan Rather, that so called Most Americans rallied round the now tarnished flag and did what Bush Jr. told them to do: “ Go out and shop! “ When brave American patriots called for hearings on the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, or questioned the 9/11 Commission whitewash… again we were the traitors to this cause. Now, 10 years later, because we have no military draft, our 18 to 30 something young folks just want to party with their newest electronic gadgets.

Ever notice how none of the ( so called) television or radio news talk shows will discuss this obscene military spending or our 800+ foreign bases in over 100 different countries… to the tune of over 500 billion dollars a year? Believe in conspiracies? Well, that must be the mother of all of them. We have a concerted effort by the entire mainstream media (and even most independent ones) to not dare mention that we are a military empire that is bankrupting our economy! No mention at all. They go on and on about the Republicans vs. Democrats on almost any other issue but the sad fact that we live in the mother of all military empires! Alas, the two party con job and their media whores are embedded with the powers that be. The fact that our housing market is in disarray and American workers are being treated more and more like feudal serfs… Silence! Please read Chalmers Johnson’s book The Sorrows of Empire from cover to cover. He explains it better than this writer can. ”


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