Posted by: quiscus | January 6, 2013

January 6, 2012

1. “‘Hidden’ groups to save humanity, or just PSYOP disinformation?

Many sources claim insider information of imminent large-scale action to unleash Earth into a Golden Age (here, here, here, here, among many).

I read such information, for I know insiders working to build a brighter future. While some seem plausible, I have no easy way to verify much of the information. Among my colleagues, none of us know with certainty who is doing what behind the scenes, or what will happen when.

Therefore, I suggest three responses from the 99%:

As always, trust/have faith that Life is fair, loving, and moving forward, as artistically communicated in our 1-minute video, METAPHORmosis. Recognize the severe limitations of human perception, and stand for your deepest spiritual values (focus and practice, of course, helps).
Until we win to expose and end “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes in war and money, it’s just another day at our activists’ offices.
PSYOPs are active and will generate disinformation; most commonly among the six corporate-media outlets. False hope thwarts activism by having people wait for someone else to act, and fosters discouragement when promised events never occur.

I am as willing as the next debt-slave for Earth’s tragic-comic criminal history of vicious antagonism to be recognized and ended. I do my best to explain and document the largest crimes that should cause military to reject unlawful wars and law enforcement to arrest War Criminals. I do my best to expose financial fraud that transfers trillions of the 99%’s wealth to a criminal 1% (a fraction of 1%, really), and document obvious solutions in money, credit, and CAFR funds. I do my best to research and understand what’s really happening on our planet, what our real history is, and what potential we have (here, here, here, among many I find helpful).

Yeah, I’m ready for winning-time, and would love for some hidden team to close-out our victory. Like you, I prefer to not endure millions of humans killed, billions harmed, and trillions of our dollars looted in our perpetual fear-imposed control. Like you, I want to discover what humanity unleashed will create in full self-expression.”

2. “Technology Addiction” in the Electronic Age: Worldwide Progress or Servitude?

People have been steadily manipulated to become technology addicted. Technology is the opiate of the masses.

This results in technology servitude. I am referring to a loss of personal freedom and independence because of uncontrolled consumption of many kinds of devices that eat up time and money. Most people do not use independent, critical thinking to question whether their quality of life is actually improved by the incessant use of technology products that are marketed more aggressively than just about anything else.

So what have I gained? Time, privacy and no obsession to constantly be in touch, connected, available, informed about others. Call me old fashioned, but I feel a lot more in control of my life than most people that I see conspicuously using their many modern devices. They have lost freedom and do not seem to care about that. When I take my daily long walks I have no device turned on, no desire to communicate, nor to listen to music; I want to be in the moment, only sensing the world around me, unfiltered and uninterrupted by any technology.

I am not hooked by advancing technology, not tethered to constantly improved devices, not curious about the next generation of highly priced but really unnecessary products, not logged on and online all the time. I have no apps or games.

Those who think interactions with people through technology devices are the real thing have lost their sanity. Technology limits and distorts human, social interactions. Worse yet, people have lost ability and talent for actually conversing to people face to face, responding to nonverbal nuances, or through intimate writing with more than just a few words.

The main goal of technology companies is to get you to spend more money and time on their products, not to actually improve your quality of life. They have successfully created a cultural disease that has gone viral. Consumers willingly surrender their freedom, money and time in pursuit of what exactly? To keep pace with their peers? To appear modern and sophisticated? To not miss out on the latest information? To stay plugged in? I do not get it.

I see people as trapped in a pathological relationship with time-sucking technology, where they serve technology more than technology serves them. I call this technology servitude. Richard Fernandez, an executive coach at Google acknowledged that “we can be swept away by our technologies.” Welcome to virtual living. To break the grand digital delusion people must consider how lives long ago could be terrific without all the technology regalia pushed today.

What is a healthy use of technology devices? That is the crucial question. Who is really in charge of my life? That is what people need to ask themselves if they are to have any chance of breaking up delusions about their use of technology. When they can live happily without using so much technology for a day or a week, then they can regain control and personal freedom and become the master of technology. Discover what there is to enjoy in life that is free of technology. Mae West is famous for proclaiming the wisdom that “too much of a good thing is wonderful.” Time to discover that it does not work for technology.”

3. ” War Addiction Default: America’s Political Dysfunction at Root is an Unwillingness to Cut War Spending

The US spends $1.3 trillion a year on a military it does not need. Politicians won’t talk about cutting it down to size.

I was asked earlier this week by an reporter for PressTV, the state television network in Iran, if I could explain why the US political system seemed to be so dysfunctional, with Congress and the President having created an artificial budget crisis 17 months ago, not “solving” it until the last hour before a Congressional deadline would have created financial chaos, and even then not solving the problem and instead just pushing it off for two months until the next crisis moment.

I thought for a moment, trying to come up with a simple way to explain the peculiar politics of a fake democracy where two equally pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist parties vie with genuine bitterness for patronage spoils and legal bribes, all the while ignoring the real wishes and needs of the public, and then it hit me: it is really all about US militarism and the unwillingness of the either of the two political parties to admit honestly to to American people how much they are being gouged to allow the US government and its corporate owners to continue in their attempt to control the world.

It really is that simple.

The US currently spends almost as much on its military and on paying for current and past wars in terms of interest on war debt and care for wounded and aging soldiers as the entire rest of the world spends on arms and war. Approximately $1.3 trillion gets spent each year in taxpayer’s dollars and in more borrowed funds (50 cents of every federal tax dollar goes to pay for the US military, the intelligence apparatus, veterans’ benefits and other related military costs). It is simply ludicrous, given this situation, to imagine that the US can significantly reduce its budget deficit either by raising taxes or by cutting social spending.

Think of it this way. The US is currently running a $1.3 trillion deficit (that is federal spending less tax revenue). That deficit, significantly one must note, almost exactly matches the amount that is being spent annually on the US military, and on military/intelligence-related activities.

The reality is that there really is only one way to attack the nation’s massive and growing budget deficit without destroying both people’s lives and the nation’s economy, and that is to slash military spending and to put an end to the country’s militarism and imperialism.”


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