Posted by: quiscus | December 20, 2012

“The Religious and Social Crisis in America. Political Consequences

Religious Trends in A Political-Economic Context

The crisis in Judaism is far more severe than even the ‘mainline Christian’ churches.  Over the past 20 years the number of adult Jews has declined by about 15%, over 450,000 former Jews ceased to identify as such.  Some of the political economic causes for the flight from Judaism may be similar to the Christians.   Others may be more specific to Jews:  over 50% of Jews marry outside of the synagogue with non-Jews, cause and consequence of ‘defection’.  Others may convert to other religions – Oriental or Christian.  Some Jewish neo-conservative rabbis and ideologies rant about the threat of ‘assimilation’ being the equivalent of ‘genocide’.  Most likely most former Jews have become ‘non-religious’ or secular and some of the reasons may vary.  For some, Old Testament bloody tales and Talmudic rulings do not resonate with modern rational thought.  Political considerations may also contribute to the sharp decline in self-identifying Jews: the ever tighter links and identity of Israel with Jewish religious institutions, the Israeli flag waiving and unconditional support of Israeli war crimes has repelled many former parishioners, who quietly retire rather than engage in a personally costly spiritual struggle against the formidable pro-Israel apparatus embedded in the inter-locking religious-Zionist networks.


The religious crises, the decline in belief and institutional affiliation, is intimately related to the moral decay in US public institutions and the precipitous decline of living standards.  Among Christians the decline is incremental but steady;among Jews it is deeper and more rapid.  No ‘alternative religious’ revival is in the horizon.  The more fundamentalist Christian groups have responded by becoming more politically involved in extremist movements like the Tea Party demonizing public spending to ameliorate social inequities or have joined Islamophobic pro Israeli movements – precisely as increasing number of ex-Jews depart!

The secular or non-religious adult population has yet to organize and articulate a program in contrast to the fundamentalists, perhaps because they are too disparate a social category – in terms of socio-economic and class interests.  ‘Not religious’ tells us little about what is the alternative.  The shrinking percentage of religious believers can have several outcomes:  in some cases it can lead to a hardening of doctrine and organizational structures ‘to keep the faithful in line’.  In others it has led to increasing politicization, mostly on the extreme right.  Among Christians it means insisting on literal readings of the Bible and anti- evolutionism; among Jews, the shrinking numbers are intensifying tribal loyalties and more aggressive fundraising, lobbying, and  unconditional support for a “Jewish State”, purged of Palestinians, and more punitive witch-hunts against critics of Israel and Zionism.”


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