Posted by: quiscus | July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

1. “Dear Mr. Romney: Palestinians are Poor Because You Stole from them and Kept them Stateless”

2. “”No Blood for Oil”: The Unfinished Story of Iraq’s Oil Law”

3. “Who might be potential accessories to the crimes of the Batman Shooter?

So we need to wonder our loud who might be those “sacred cow” groups or industries that are contributing to or even benefiting from making obscure America’s recurrent mass shootings. Many of them regard themselves as being too big to expose, criticize or otherwise implicate as accomplices, even as inadvertent accomplices. Any one of us can think of any number of potential culprits. My list includes this TOP 9 LIST (plus 3 major potential players further below):

1) the violent entertainment industry;

2) the violent, and addictive videogame industry;

3) the violent professional contact sports industry, where violent acts are hoped-for and applauded;

4) the food industry that is doing so much to malnourish vulnerable brains and bodies;

5) the weapons manufacturers and their lobbyist organizations;

6) the ease in getting lethal military style weapons (the Aurora killer reportedly got some of his guns at Gander Mountain and Pro Bass Shops);

7) our militarized culture and the media that glorifies the “legal” mass murder by “licensed to kill” soldiers in the battlefield and then condemns them when they come home, psychologically and spiritually tormented, and commit murders, suicides or crimes;

8) Congresspersons, Presidents, state governors and Supreme Court justices who indifferently vote against, refuse to pass or refuse to enforce rational harm-reduction legislation that could do so much to prevent these mass homicides;

9) Christian church leaders who fail to teach to the potential mass murderers in their own Sunday School or confirmation classes about the Golden Rule and the other nonviolent ethical teachings of Jesus, whom they profess to follow.

But in the minds of many, the big culprits are the ones that the corporate media and their paymasters are scared to death about exposing, are:

1) BigPharma (the multinational pharmaceutical companies) and their propaganda that shapes public attitudes and behaviors and stimulates demand for drug prescriptions from their physicians;

2) the US Food and Drug Administration that grants approval for many potentially lethal psychiatric drugs on virtually zero long-term safety data and woefully inadequate efficacy data;

3) BigPsychiatry/BigMedicine and us obedient, quasi-enslaved physicians who are locked into those corporate entities and who have, by and large, not opened our eyes and ears to the data from the truth-seeking alternative medical, forensic and drug research community of altruists (who are not beholden to the obscenely wealthy and powerful pharmaceutical corporations).

Much of this data, which is virtually never published in the hostile BigPharma-subsidized medical journals, shows unequivocally that most, if not all, of the five classes of potentially addictive, potentially brain-damaging psychiatric drugs are fully capable of causing drug-induced violence, drug-induced psychoses, drug-induced homicidallity, drug-induced mania, drug-induced suicidality, drug-induced dementia, drug-induced sleep disorders and drug-induced criminal behaviors (especially in unsuspecting adolescents who are often told to ignore the adverse effects and just keep on taking the drugs).”


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