Posted by: quiscus | July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

1. “Mossad agents run false flag terror operations in Bulgaria and other states ”

2. “When I Started Hating America

And now, a coda. This is McGovern addressing his senate colleagues in 1970 for their lack of opposition to the Vietnam War. Imagine any of today’s venal, cowardly US Senators — working as they do for Lockheed, Israel and Wall Street — saying anything like this even though the words are more pertinent than ever:

“Every Senator in this chamber is partly responsible for sending 50,000 young Americans to an early grave. This chamber reeks of blood. Every Senator here is partly responsible for that human wreckage at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval and all across our land – young men without legs, or arms, or genitals, or faces or hopes. There are not very many of these blasted and broken boys who think this war is a glorious adventure. Do not talk to them about bugging out, or national honor or courage. It does not take any courage at all for a congressman, or a senator, or a president to wrap himself in the flag and say we are staying in Vietnam, because it is not our blood that is being shed. But we are responsible for those young men and their lives and their hopes. And if we do not end this damnable war those young men will some day curse us for our pitiful willingness to let the Executive carry the burden that the Constitution places on us.”

“This chamber reeks of blood.”

Unpopular, unconstitutional war waged by a murderous arrogant emperor with a compliant congress, a little somethin’ somethin’ we can believe in!”


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