Posted by: quiscus | July 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

1. “The Battle over Same Sex Marriage

Transgendered individuals, especially those who are people of color, have a great revolutionary potential as it forces society to deal with race, misogyny, and gender. Transgender issues demand a greater realization of oppression and intersectionality. (Intersectionality is realizing that oppression can come from many different avenues and those issues intersect and overlap, deepening ones oppression.) Race comes into play as trans people of color not only have to deal with the stigma it comes from being trans but also must deal with the additional effects of being a person of color in a country that favors whiteness. When transgender and feminist issues intersect and affect the lives of transgendered women, transmisogyny takes place, in which trans women are subjected to being hated and discriminated against for not conforming to certain gender roles in society. Finally, gender plays a role as transgendered individuals challenge the very notion of gender roles in a society. With all of these factors interacting and overlapping, by confronting the suffering trans people face, society is forced to confront three other forms of oppression and in dissolving that oppression, free not only trans people, but also free people of color , women, and genderqueer individuals as well as dissolve gender roles that oppress people as a whole.

Polyamorous relationships challenge the traditional notion that humans are meant to be bound in one relationship for the rest of their lives. In doing this, polyamorous individuals are showing that there is a path that differs from the one which society emphasizes and that it works, not just in the mind, but also in reality. It is expanding the notions of marriage and love.

Overall, the queer rights movement is revolutionary as it challenges the preconceived views of what love is, what marriage is, and what gender is. In doing this, the movement is expanding, evolving, and in some cases breaking down norms and stereotypes that are prevalent in our society. This only makes people freer, more accepting of themselves, and more likely to realize that we are not all that different, no matter one’s sexual orientation, relationship status, or gender identity. ”

2. “Was the Petrol Price Rigged Too?

Motorists may have been paying too much for their petrol because banks and other traders are likely to have tried to manipulate oil prices in the same way they rigged interest rates, an official report has warned.

Concerns are growing about the reliability of oil prices, after a report for the G20 found the market is wide open to “manipulation or distortion”.

Traders from banks, oil companies or hedge funds have an “incentive” to distort the market and are likely to try to report false prices, it said.”


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