Posted by: quiscus | June 11, 2012

June 11, 2011


Delusional Americans believe they have a right to cheap plentiful oil forever. They refuse to acknowledge that luck has played the major part in their rise to economic power. The American saying will be:

My great grandfather rode a horse, my grandfather drove a Model T, my father drove a Buick, I leased a Cadillac Escalade, my son died in the Middle East fighting for my oil, his son will never be born. ”

2. “Leon Panetta: Macho Renaissance man

The U.S. media becomes extra sycophantic when it comes to U.S. military leaders, as 60 Minutes showed last night

What amazes me most, I think, is the lack of pretense. There’s no effort even to pretend they’re doing journalism. They just proudly put it right out there: we’re going to spend the next 15 minutes paying homage to your government leaders and their war-fighting machine. Polls consistently show that the U.S. military is now, by far, the most respected American institution. The causal relationship where the media is concerned is ultimately an unanswerable chicken-egg question: is the military so venerated because the U.S. media treats it with religious reverence, or does the media treat it that way because of how venerated it is? Ultimately, that’s a self-perpetuating, re-inforcing dynamic.

Whatever else is true, having the military held in such higher esteem than all other American institutions is an obviously dangerous state of affairs for a democracy. Here we have our brave, stalwart, oh-so-adversarial-and-independent media — as usual — doing nothing but bolstering orthodoxies, churning out people-pleasing pap, and running in fear. They fantasize that they are the intrepid challengers to power and market themselves that way, yet nobody is more subservient to institutional power than they.”


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