Posted by: quiscus | May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

1. Good:

“Palestinians Announce General Strike for Nakba Day”

2. “Why is there so little accountability in foreign policymaking?

the incestuous relationship between mainstream journalists, policy wonks, and politicos reinforces this problem. All three groups live in a symbiotic relationship with each other, and you wouldn’t expect to see many people in this world donning their brass knuckles and saying what they really think about other members of the club. And because their livelihoods and well-being aren’t directly affected by catastrophes that happen Far Away, why should they worry about holding people accountable and conducting their relations in a more adversarial fashion? Bad for business, man…. ”

3. “Jamie Dimon Endorses Letting Giant Banks Fail, Firing Incompetent Executives and Clawing Back Executive Compensation

But Bill Black Demolishes Dimon’s Fake PR Campaign”

4. “The Obama campaign and “vampire” capitalists

With a display of cynicism that is hard to top, the Obama reelection campaign on Monday launched a public attack on Republican Mitt Romney’s role as a job-destroying asset stripper at Bain Capital, the same day that Obama raised more than $2 million from equally rapacious private equity sharks at a reception in New York City.

The demagogic claims of Obama and the Democrats to defend the interests of “working families” and “Main Street” against Wall Street are absurd on their face. As they collect cash from the likes of Blackstone and issue fawning tributes to social criminals like Jamie Dimon, one can only say: by their friends ye shall know them.”

5. “Creating Killers and Dyers

US Empire Propaganda is very powerful

Notice the increase in military recruiting ads on prime time TV news, sports, comedy, drama, and music channels.

The US Empire spends a billion dollars a year on military recruiting advertising and they do it because it works.

Stop military recruiters and you stop the wars.

Violence has become so entrenched in our society, through an endless assembly line of action movies every weekend at thousands movie theaters across the country, from slasher flicks, to war movies, to cops hunting down the bad guys, that our culture has just accepted violence as normal human behavior.

Violence starts with an image that is imprinted on the mind, and over time, becomes part of one’s thought process, and then from the mind, these violent thoughts become part of the emotional state, causing a feeling
or a “high”, like any drug, and finally, violence manifest’s itself through one’s actions. ”


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