Posted by: quiscus | May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012

1. “Minnesota police under fire over claims they got Occupy protesters high

Officers reportedly gave marijuana and food to subjects as part of programme to test out the drug and ‘the munchies'”

2. “Archeologists Discover Mayan Hieroglyphs Showing the World Continuing for Thousands of Years Past 2012”

3. “Fighting Israel’s Unaccountable Prison System

Israeli policy toward Palestinian prisoners is now facing unprecedented scrutiny due to a mass hunger strike aimed at ending administrative detention and other harsh policies.

Israel has a choice to make. As in the cases of Khader Adnan and Hana Al Shalabi, Israel can release prisoners as their health deteriorates. However, releasing two prisoners and releasing 2,500 prisoners are very different things—and would represent a huge defeat for Israel. The other option is to let the strikers die in prison, and face the inevitable consequence of massive popular demonstrations of outrage throughout the occupied territories. In either instance, the strikers will experience a victory: more prisoners will be released, or Israel will encounter a public relations disaster as the hunger strikers’ deaths further focus the international spotlight on administrative detention and other policies.

Most Palestinian hunger strikers—particularly those being held on charges of administrative detention—were never significant threats to the state of Israel during their civilian lives. However, now that they are behind bars they have organized into a very real threat to the state of Israel. At long last, mass resistance is drawing international attention and outrage to Israel’s harsh and unaccountable prison system.”

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