Posted by: quiscus | May 9, 2012

May 9, 2011

1. “Supposed Would-Be Underwear Bomber Is CIA Informant

Obama officials tried to present this as some successfully foiled terror attack, while it was anything but

U.S. and Yemeni officials have confirmed that the supposed would-be underwear bomber at the heart of an al-Qaeda airliner plot revealed this week was actually an informant working for the CIA and Saudi intelligence all along.”

2. “American Politics: “Freedom” to Choose Between Two “Acceptable” Choices

The American voters are given a “choice” between two parties which are nearly identical in their support of crony capitalism, never-ending bailouts for the big banks, disregard for the Bill of Rights, never-ending war, support for big oil and big nuclear, allowing the sale of crap instead of real food, and other important issues.

Any candidate who doesn’t follow the script is labeled “unelectable” – in the same way that any policy which the powers-that-be don’t want is branded “not politically feasible“. And see this.

We have the freedom to choose … as long as we pick one of the two acceptable choices.”


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