Posted by: quiscus | March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012

1. “Mitt Romney: In Your Heart, You Know He’s A Loser

Are the Republicans deliberately throwing the presidential election?

Yes, I know the Republicans hate Obama and all he stands for, and I certainly have heard them inveigh against the President in ways that would formerly have been considered off the reservation not too long ago. For example, trying to delegitimize a sitting President by questioning his US citizenship, and/or implying he’s a “secret Muslim” – I mean, really! Surely that’s over the top, to put it mildly. And yet …

And yet I am a firm believer in action over words: and if we look at what the Republicans are doing (or, rather, not doing), as opposed to what they are saying, it’s enough to arouse a certain suspicion that something just isn’t right.

On the one hand, the GOP is telling us Obama is leading us down the road to “socialism,” that he’s “appeasing” our enemies and stiffing our friends, and that he’s basically destroying the country. On the other hand, they haven’t put forth a candidate who has a chance in heck of beating him. The leading candidate for the party’s nomination is a caricature of everything voters are sick and tired of: he’s a phony, a spoiled rich guy, an automaton whose words and actions convey, above all, an almost comical impression of inauthenticity.”

2. “450+ major bank resignations; arrests of economic & War Criminals next?”

3. “US House of Representatives approves plan to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps

The US House of Representatives has adopted a budget resolution that calls for privatization of Medicare and the elimination of Medicaid, food stamps and many other federal entitlement benefits. The resolution is part of a bipartisan campaign to slash spending on social programs.

Nonetheless, the bipartisan measure indicated where a deal is to be had once the charade of the November elections is completed. Whatever the configuration of the two parties, in terms of control of the White House, Senate or House of Representatives, there will be a bipartisan deal to slash spending on the poor and working class, while preserving, with only token changes, the enormous tax boondoggles for the wealthy.

This will be presented to the American people, either by President Obama or his Republican successor, as a measure providing “equal sacrifice” or “shared responsibility” for the fiscal crisis of the federal government.”


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