Posted by: quiscus | February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

1. “Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control

The right wing Republican politicians who have been denouncing the requirement that female employees have access to birth control as part of their health benefits as an attack on religious freedom completely ignore the church teachings they don’t agree with. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are both Catholics, and wear their faith on their sleeves, but they are hypocritical in picking and choosing when they wish to listen to the bishops.

1. So for instance, Pope John Paul II was against anyone going to war against Iraq I think you’ll find that Rick Santorum managed to ignore that Catholic teaching.

2.The Conference of Catholic Bishops requires that health care be provided to all Americans. I.e., Rick Santorum’s opposition to universal health care is a betrayal of the Catholic faith he is always trumpeting.

3. The Catholic Church opposes the death penalty for criminals in almost all situations. (Santorum largely supports executions.)

4. The US Conference of Bishops has urged that the federal minimum wage be increased, for the working poor. Santorum in the Senate repeatedly voted against the minimum wage.

5. The bishops want welfare for all needy families, saying “We reiterate our call for a minimum national welfare benefit that will permit children and their parents to live in dignity. A decent society will not balance its budget on the backs of poor children.” Santorum is a critic of welfare.”

2. “”See Something Say Something” Campaign Could Allow People to Label ANY AMERICAN a Suspected “Terrorist” … Just Like in Nazi Germany or Stasi East Germany”

3. “Canada Supports Torture: An Instrument of “Terrorism Propaganda”

Thus, the question we should ask is: what is the fundamental role of torture?

It is wrong to presume that the goal of torture is to collect information, to obtain confessions. Several experts suggest that authorities use torture because they wrongfully believe that it is the only way to have access to certain information. Yet, by using and condoning torture, the authorities know full well what they are doing and it has nothing to do with intelligence gathering. Torture is a propaganda tool.

The absolute goal of any authority resorting to torture is to dominate, consolidate its position of authority, of superiority, but mostly to prove, promote and protect its world view, its propaganda by spreading terror.

When used under the pretext of wanting to obtain information, torture’s ultimate aim is to feed the torturing authorities’ propaganda. Its purpose is to force down in a victim’s throat a testimony which will subsequently “prove” the torturers’ propaganda and justify their actions as well as those of their allies. This practice leads to submission and sends a clear message to whoever might want to challenge the authorities.

Revealed to the public at large, the pictures of Abu Ghraib or the violence inflicted to Qaddafi and the use of “confessions” obtained through torture by “democratic” governments have no other intent than to terrorise, encourage submission and uphold the “war on terrorism” propaganda. ”

4. “5 Right-Wing Governors Gutting Schools to Fund Prisons, Tax Breaks for the Rich…And a Bible Theme Park”


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