Posted by: quiscus | January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

1. “The marines urination video doesn’t show the real war crime

The urination video does not shock me so much as the public’s tolerance of these immoral wars that make criminals of marines

The video of US marines urinating on Afghan corpses does not shock me. Though their behavior is disgusting and unacceptable, I find the public’s reaction to this video far more troubling. People are not outraged that there are dead Afghans; they are outraged at the manner in which the dead are treated. This is indicative of our culture’s tolerance for war and war crimes – as long as they are done in a gentlemanly fashion.

My behavior and the behavior of others in my unit was despicable, as was the behavior of these marines urinating on corpses. But we shouldn’t let ourselves be fooled that an immoral mission and immoral war could ever be conducted in an honorable manner. War crimes were implicit in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and they are abundant in the continued occupation of Afghanistan.

Yet, many of us choose not to see these war crimes, even though they are right in front of our faces. Only when a shocking YouTube video comes along, do we choose to look. And even then, what we see is the urinating, not the dead bodies.”

2. “”The Corporations, Seeing The Unrest In The Streets … Worrying That The Occupy Movement Will Expand, Do Not Trust The Police To Protect Them. They Want To Be Able To Call In The Army”

3. “Israel admits that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program”


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