Posted by: quiscus | January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

“The Ron Paul Precedent

All we see and hear is Michelle Bachmann and a bunch of bleach-blonde Fox News anchors bleating that Paul is “dangerous” because he wants to avert World War III. All we hear is failed presidential candidate and bloated braggart Newt Gingrich declaring he’d vote for Obama rather than the “isolationist” Paul.

At least Gingrich is being honest for once. He’s telling us that all the talk about fiscal conservatism, the free market, and individual liberty is just window-dressing: what he and his fellow neocons are really after is the ability to launch more and bigger wars, and if they have to throw their “smaller government” baggage overboard to reach their goal, then so be it.

How long before the Santorum bubble expands beyond its capacity to encompass the truth and pops is anyone’s guess: mine is that it will be sooner rather than later. As more of Santorum’s Bush era positions come out, especially on economic issues, party conservatives in search of an alternative to Romney will have no one but Ron to turn to.

Paul is often disdained as a “protest” candidate, but every revolution starts out as a mere episodic protest. Paul’s Iowa campaign proved two things: 1) the anti-interventionist wing of the GOP is substantial, and 2) it is here to stay. Paul has set an important precedent: for the first time since the 1930s, a Republican politician who challenges the militarist malarkey coming out the mouths of our “conservative” politicians commands a mass following. That is a victory all advocates of peace, on the left as well as the right, ought to be celebrating.”


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