Posted by: quiscus | December 29, 2011

December 29, 2011

1. “A Tale of Two Cities: Weimar and Washington

Sadly, on the verge of a new year, it is hard to argue that Washington in 2011 is much different from Weimar and Berlin in 1933. Last week, a man in Boston was convicted and sent to prison because he had traveled to Yemen and apparently wanted to join a terrorist group. He didn’t actually join the group; he just wanted to do it. So the age of the thought crime has arrived, something that even Hitler’s house jurist might have thought preposterous. Though we are not yet at the point where the president can declare opposition political parties illegal, Newt Gingrich might entertain the possibility if he were in charge. Pledges of personal loyalty to the leader, disenfranchisement of ethnic and religious minorities, and the burning of books by government fiat have not yet occurred either, but if one parses some of the rhetoric coming out of leading Republican presidential aspirants it is not inconceivable Muslim citizens will be subject to special security monitoring while a bonfire day featuring tracts on global warming and Darwinism might join Dixie Chicks CDs and french fries on the destroy-on-sight list. ”

2. “Fly Your Own Spy Drone … Using Your iPhone”

3. “Revolution in Solar Energy Technology? Cheap Quantum Dot Solar Paint”

4. “Hidden Agenda Behind “War on Terror”: The Conquest of Oil, Gas, Water and Vital Resources”


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