Posted by: quiscus | December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011


Libertarianism and war are not compatible. One reason why should be obvious: In war, governments commit legalized mass-murder. In modern warfare especially, war is not just waged among voluntary combatants, but kills, maims, and otherwise harms innocent people. Then, of course, wars must be funded through taxes, which are extracted from U.S. citizens by force — a form of legalized theft, as far as libertarians are concerned. And, historically, the U.S. has used conscription — legalized slavery — to force people to fight and die. In addition, an interventionist foreign policy makes civilians targets for retaliation, so governments indirectly cause more violence against their own people when they become involved in other countries’ affairs. Plus, war is always accompanied by many other new restrictions on liberty, many of which are sold as supposedly temporary wartime measures but then never go away.

War Involves Mass Murder

Today, people mostly accept that innocent civilians die in wars, and it doesn’t seem to bother them too much as long as it’s happening to other people on the other side of the world. The military calls this “collateral damage,” and the American media mostly ignores it, but libertarians call attention to it and call it what it is: mass murder. ”

2. “Fox Viewers think Mubarak Still runs Egypt

A study by Fairleigh Dickenson University researchers has found that frequent viewers of Fox Cable News are worse informed than people who watch no news at all!

It is not that Republicans (more likely to watch Fox) are less informed. The researchers took that possible source of bias into account in their finding. No, it is watching Fox itself that makes people more ignorant.

Fox News’ graphic department has been known to misplace Egypt on the map, which can’t help.

I wonder if the highly ideological character of Fox “news” is the culprit here. Fox was upset at the prospect of Mubarak being overthrown, and reported negatively on the revolution. Did they inspire their viewers to an attempt to wish the whole thing away as a kind of nightmare best ignored?”

3. “The Militarization of American Police – And Shredding of Our Constitutional Rights – Started 30 Years Ago”

4. “The West’s Most-Cherished Desire: The Disintegration of the Russia Federation


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