Posted by: quiscus | November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011


1. “Looking at the ’Big Picture’


Our task here at is two-fold: to show how we are being lied into war, and by whom. Only by studying – and exposing – the techniques, components, and motives of the War Party can we hope to halt the rush to World War III. That’s why is so important: it is a vital part of an educational campaign to effectively debunk the increasingly hysterical war propaganda emanating from the “mainstream” media – and unmask the war-makers.


While this is really a subject for another column, by way of warning I have to say it isn’t just the same old neoconservative gang of intellectual hoodlums and dubious “scholars” who are trying to pull this one off. As the war cries get louder, you’ll see the “liberal” hawks take wing once again, flying in perfect formation with their neoconservative cousins, the whole flock cawing and shrieking like vultures over a battlefield.”


2. “Memorial Day Reflections and Revisionism


The state inculcates an unquestioning faith in its war-making by associating it with patriotism, heroism, and the defense of “our freedoms.” This strategy builds in its own defense against any criticism of the government’s policies. Anyone who questions the morality of a war is automatically suspected of being unpatriotic, unappreciative of the bravery that has “kept us free,” and disrespectful of “our troops,” in a word, un-American.


But in fact the forces aren’t “serving their country” or “keeping us free.” They are doing the bidding of hack politicians, well-connected economic interests, and court intellectuals who are striving to satisfy personal ambition, attain wealth, or create historical legacies. ”


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