Posted by: quiscus | November 10, 2011

November 10, 2011


1. “Why are ‘others’ always guilty of torture?


Westerners are taught to believe “civilised” governments do not commit torture; that it’s always “them” and never “us”.


2. “Cost to house a captive at Guantanamo Bay is $800,000


Guards get combat pay, just like troops in Afghanistan, without the risk of being blown up. Some commanders get to bring their families to this war-on-terror deployment. And each captive gets $38.45 worth of food a day.


The Pentagon detention center that started out in January 2002 as a collection of crude open-air cells guarded by Marines in a muddy tent city is today arguably the most expensive prison on Earth, costing taxpayers $800,000 annually for each of the 171 captives by Obama administration reckoning.


That’s more than 30 times the cost of keeping a captive on U.S. soil.


It’s still funded as an open-ended battlefield necessity, although the last prisoner arrived in March 2008. But it functions more like a gated community in an American suburb than a forward-operating base in one of Afghanistan’s violent provinces.”


3. “Most “Occupy” Protesters HAVE Jobs … Unemployment Much Lower Than In Tea Party”


4. “United States Moving into Africa’s Nile River Basin: Securing Central and Eastern Africa via the Nile River


“Rivers are political systems. Management of rivers is political and management of international rivers is very political. The Chinese got it right long ago: River + Dyke = Political Order.”

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