Posted by: quiscus | September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

1.  Good:

“Egypt bans palm frond exports for Jewish holiday”

2.  No kidding:

“IMF: Inequality Increases National Debt”

3.  “The Recolonisation of the Arab world

Now, the very imperialists who had groomed these dictators look to further cheapen and control Arab and, by implication other third world resources, so they opportunistically  step in to steer a revolutionary course in line with their ambitions. If contingently a state stands in the way of resource grab, then wither that state. A stateless, sect torn, or tribal conglomeration has no say over its resources. The revolutionary forces however,  wish dictators to be defeated, but are not indifferent to who defeats them.[viii] That is why the litmus test of the success or failure of the present Arab revolutionary process is measured by the distance revolutionary forces keep from the US and its NATO allies. The imperialist aim was for long to breed the brutal Arab dictatorships in preparation for the destruction of any form of political control of Arab people over their resources, including, their already enfeebled states. The crisis  of capital is steeper now than before and, the case may be, that only through re-colonisation and extended warfare against working people in the Arab world, will this baleful phase of imperialism hold together.  ”

4.  “Interventionists Ready a Media Lynching For Ron Paul

The attacks on Mr. Paul are and will be the work of the Neoconservatives, the Israel-First fifth column of U.S. citizens, and AIPAC and those it controls in the Congress, media, and academy.”


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