Posted by: quiscus | September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

1.  “A Palestinian State?

The US government’s self-appointed role in the region as mediator and “peace” broker is a textbook example of how interventionism leads to the exact opposite of its ostensible objectives. We tout a “peace process” that has only produced more war and stick our noses into snake pits where they don’t belong. Then we wonder why we get bitten. ”

2.  Actually, since it’s not good for us, either, it’s obviously not a good model for anyone else:

“US Democracy Is No Model for Arabs”

3.  “The Geithner mystery solved

Geithner wasn’t chosen and hasn’t remained despite being “associated with the deregulatory policies of the past” and despite being the bankers’ “man in Washington.”  He is empowered precisely because of those facts, as was pointed out even before Obama’s inauguration.  That Geithner and Summers were empowered after enabling the financial crisis through Wall Street subservience isn’t a mystery; it’s the explanation. (And just by the way, replacing the word “despite” with the phrase “because of” is — in general — one of the most valuable tools for translating Washington propaganda into reality.)”

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