Posted by: quiscus | August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

1.  “US Terror Lists Should Be Downsized

Cut any group that leaves US alone, says Ivan Eland”

2.  “Now the TSA wants to interrogate us, too

You would think that ogling passengers in carcinogenic scanners, stripping diapers from little old ladies who are dying of cancer and molesting children would be enough mischief for any agency. But no. Now the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants us to chat with our assailants. Why? Because it pretends they can read our minds for “malintent.”

Many passengers and pundits cheer the TSA’s “common sense” in unleashing BDOs on us. They apparently — and erroneously — assume that interrogation will replace the TSA’s sexual assaults. Which means they’ve fallen for a false dichotomy: either the TSA will gate-rape us or it will question us.

But there’s a third option: abolish this unconscionable bureaucracy. It menaces America far more than any terrorist.”

3.  Obama supporters are morons, just like Repubs but marginally less blood-thirsty:

“Obamaphiles still longing for Camelot”

4.  “Jordan Plans Green Star Trek Theme Park

The lack of scientific and technological productivity in the region is owing to the same forces that created economic and infrastructural stagnation (the Oil Gulf is excepted)– major resources were simply stolen by the ruling elites and dedicated to their villas and foreign investments rather than being invested in the universities and research institutions. This major failure to boost research is one of the reasons that they lost militarily and geostrategically to their rival, Israel. The bad governance also has an impact on public attitudes. For most Arabs, science and technology is something that is constantly coming from the outside, almost never something invented locally. It is not participatory, not part of their national project. Rapid technological change, especially if it affects employment or the relative power of groups and states, may even fuel resentment against the outside world. The turn to religion, a putting of faith in forces outside ordinary reality, makes sense in a context in which there is little human scientific and technological agency. (Arabs know very well how to use technology once they acquire it, they are just not the heroes of its story.)”

5.  Good:
“Bank of America death-watch”


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