Posted by: quiscus | August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

1.  “Did the Russians bomb a U.S. embassy?”

2.  “Lessons from a “Humanitarian False Flag Operation”

So far this year, the lone ship Spirit of Rachel Corrie was the ship to enter Palestinian waters and “put a hole” in the blockade. Although it did not break the siege, it should be considered as a small victory against the illegal occupant, and its strategy should be taken into account by those who wish to break the siege in the future.

1- Favor a media blackout: To avoid being foiled, any attempt to break the siege should be concealed. The media should be alerted only when the goal has been reached or when the vessel has been prevented from reaching it. Big media campaigns may have the advantage of shedding the light on the illegal siege, they also reveal information which hampers the endeavor and serves the illegal occupant. The ultimate goal of such undertakings should remain to break the siege, not publicize it.

2- Conceal the departure location: The country of departure should be disclosed only to those who need to know for logistic purposes.

3- Conceal the destination: The authorities of the country of departure should be given an alternative destination.

4- Use deception: The Malaysian SRC mission, or MV Finch, was flying the Moldovan flag. The Israelis must have been aware that PGPF was sending a ship to Gaza since it was announced by the Malaysian organization a few weeks before the mission was launched. Only the dates were kept secret. The Israelis were probably expecting a vessel flying the Malaysian flag.

5- Get a fast boat or ship: The MV Finch could not go faster than 6 nautical miles an hour. Had it been faster, it could have reached the port of Gaza.”


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