Posted by: quiscus | July 30, 2011

July 30, 2011

1.  This is why the military is evil:

“But Henry David Thoreau offers further insight. In his work On Civil Disobedience, Thoreau objected to majority rule because the views of the majority do not always coincide with what is morally correct. Every human being has a fundamental obligation to discover for himself what is just and then to act according to his conscience, even if it contradicts the majority or the law. It is precisely his moral conscience that makes a man fully human.

It is within the military that Thoreau saw the greatest relinquishment of moral conscience; the military proclaims that “obeying orders” is the highest ideal. Thoreau contemplated soldiers who march off to die and to kill strangers in a conflict they know is unjust. He asked whether those soldiers retained or relinquished their humanity when they replaced their own moral judgment with the dictates of legislators. Thoreau concluded that once a man abandons his moral judgment, he becomes a machine; his body becomes a mere tool to be used.”

2.  “Air Force Pulls Christian-Themed Ethics Training for Nuclear Missile Officers After Publication of Truthout Report”


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