Posted by: quiscus | July 28, 2011

1.  “No One Is Immune

The CIA’s fake vaccination program in Pakistan reveals the moral bankruptcy of American spooks.”

2.  “Dear Foreigner-Haters: Immigration is Good for You

It is mostly a myth that immigrants take jobs away from locals. The places in the US with the highest immigrant populations are not the places with the highest rates of local unemployment. Many immigrants do jobs that locals do not want to do, like pick strawberries or clean toilets in hotels. Others are high-skilled people with imagination who think up ways of enriching people that locals never would have. Remember that labor demand is elastic, not fixed. Sometimes immigrants do labor that just would not get done otherwise (California would have to import strawberries and pay more for them). The evidence is that immigration actually [pdf] benefits the host economy pretty much across the board.

If they are able to do so, labor immigrants tend to return home when the labor market contracts and there is no work for them. (This is the irony of the wall-builders in the US– they are probably forcing immigrants to stay in this country who would otherwise leave).”


Bill O’Reilly Is Right: It’s Unfair To Call the Norwegian Mass Murderer a Christian … And It’s Also Unfair to Call Arab Terrorists Muslims


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