Posted by: quiscus | July 23, 2011

July 23, 2011

1.  “At least 1,400 arrests for antiwar dissent, but who’s counting? Not the press.

Although arrests are indicative of only a small portion of antiwar activity, a case-by-case compilation by prominent civil liberties attorney Bill Quigley shows more than 2,600 arrests nationwide for various protests on progressive issues from 2009 until late May of this year, with nearly 1,400 of them coming in antiwar-related actions‚ almost all of which stem from protests involving nonviolent civil disobedience.”

2.  I wish they were paying a much greater price:

“Israelis pay price of persecuting Palestinians with soaring living costs”

3.  “White Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism in Norway

His attack on the Labour Party appears to have derived in part from its insufficient hate of people of other cultures.

The proponents of racial profiling who want to target some Orientalist imagination of the Muslim are extremely dangerous to our security, since they want to let European separatists, far leftists, and neo-Nazis off the hook while targeting Muslims, who commit little terrorism in Europe.”

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