Posted by: quiscus | July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

1.  ” Navy medic detained for refusing training over WikiLeaks claims

Michael Lyons sentenced to seven months’ detention after developing moral objections to Afghanistan conflict


“[Michael] was ordered to see a chaplain, even though Michael is an atheist, and the chaplain’s statement implied Michael had a slight political reservation, not a moral objection,” she said. “If Michael had been dishonest and said he was a committed Christian, and because of his faith he could not be part of war on moral grounds, perhaps this would have been over in an instant.”

Speaking after the trial on behalf of Lillian Lyons, Emma Sangster, co-ordinator of pressure group Forces Watch, said: “This seems a deliberately harsh sentence, which serves not only to punish Michael but to dissuade others from following his actions.

“Considering that servicemen have a right to conscientious objection and this inevitably comes to be a point where an order is not going to be obeyed, I think this indicates that the armed forces don’t take conscientious objection seriously and are seeking to undermine it.”

2.  “A Miami photographer was escorted off a US Airways plane and deemed a “security risk” after she snapped a photo of an employee’s nametag at Philadelphia International Airport Friday.”

3.  “I Didn’t Fight For Your Freedom

So it’s Memorial Day, which means that the US is awash with mostly obligatory tributes to military personnel.

I hate this shit.

I didn’t fight for your freedoms. In the six years I was in, I never once defended your right to vote, or to carry a gun, or to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure (that one doesn’t really apply anymore, anyway), or any of the other things you enjoy as a citizen of this country. I just didn’t. Neither did anyone who went to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Vietnam. It’s all bullshit. It’s a fucking lie that we tell ourselves and each other so that we don’t have to think about why we send young men and women to serve, suffer, and die for old men’s vainglorious ideas and profit margins.”


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