Posted by: quiscus | June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

1.  “Obama Wins Nobel War Prize”

2.  “Promoting Militarism While Hiding Bloodshed
And, as the British Broadcasting Corp. showed, the entire process of “embedded reporting” through which the Pentagon steers war journalism has resulted in overly sanitized coverage that obscures battlefield violence and bloodshed.

Taken together, we can see the obvious contradiction. One part of the Pentagon is employing every media instrument available—Twitter, Facebook, TV commercials, movies, etc.—to tell America that becoming a soldier gets enlistees immortal superpowers that will keep them safe in combat. Meanwhile, the same Pentagon is trying to prevent the media from documenting the blood-soaked realities of war.”

3.  “Feinstein: Senate Intel Committee May Investigate CIA Targeting of Cole


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