Posted by: quiscus | May 24, 2011

May 24, 2011

I suppose this might be helpful to debunk those who say no one could put explosives – or do anything else – to a building without the tenants and public being aware:

“Secret retrofit of Citigroup Center in 1978

Later that month, LeMessurier met for an inquiry on another job where he mentioned the use of welded joints in the Citicorp building, only to find a potentially fatal flaw in the building’s construction: the original design’s welded joints were changed to bolted joints during construction, which were too weak to withstand 70-mile-per-hour (113 km/h) quartering winds.

It was reported that LeMessurier agonized over how to deal with the problem, and, by making it known to the wider world, risked ruining his professional reputation. He approached Citicorp directly and advised them of the need to take swift remedial action, ultimately convincing the company to hire a crew of welders to repair the fragile building without informing the public, a task made easier by the press strike at that time.

For the next three months, a construction crew welded two-inch-thick steel plates over each of the skyscraper’s 200 bolted joints during the night, after each work day, almost unknown to the general public.”


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