Posted by: quiscus | May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

1.  “Obama Should Follow His Own Advice on the ‘Moral Force’ of Non-Violence

Given that President Obama daily authorizes the firing of hellfire missiles and the dropping of cluster bombs in places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, it was awful odd seeing him wax eloquent this week about the “moral force of non-violence” in places like Egypt and Tunisia. But there he was, the commander-in-chief of the largest empire in history, praising the power of peaceful protest in countries with repressive leaders backed by his own administration.

Were we unfamiliar with his actual policies – more than doubling the troops in Afghanistan, dramatically escalating a deadly drone war in Pakistan and unilaterally bombing for peace in Libya – it might have been inspiring to hear a major head of state reject violence as a means to political ends. Instead, we almost choked on the hypocrisy.

Cast beforehand as a major address on the Middle East, what President Obama offered with his speech on Thursday was nothing more than a reprisal of his 2009 address in Cairo: a lot of rhetoric about U.S. support for peace and freedom in the region contradicted by the actual – and bipartisan – U.S. policy over the past half-century of supporting ruthless authoritarian regimes. Yet even for all his talk of human rights and how he “will not tolerate aggression across borders” – yes, a U.S. president said this – Obama didn’t even feign concern about Saudi Arabia’s repressive regime invading neighboring Bahrain to put down a pro-democracy movement there. In fact, the words “Saudi Arabia” were never uttered.

It was that kind of speech: scathing condemnations of human rights abuses by the U.S.’s Official Enemies in places like Iran and Syria and muted criticism – if any – of the gross violations of human decency carried out by its dictatorial friends in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Yemen.  ”

2.  “Bomb Everything in Libya
Pirates of the Mediterranean

“The media rush to glorify Obama the ‘warrior president’ is symptomatic of a Western society that has come to view war as entirely normal… It is by now almost impossible to imagine that the West would not always be attacking, or targeting for attack, some defenceless nation or other.”You Cannot Kill An Ideology With A Gun‘ By Media Lens

The outrageous call by Gen. Sir Richard Davis the other day to bomb everything in Libya illustrates what lurks beneath the veneer of civilization. And believe me, Gen. Sir Davis comes from a long line of pirates stretching all the way back to the 16th century and the reign of Elizabeth I when the pirates were described as ‘privateers‘ or to call them by their contemporary name, private military contractors.[1]

Googling the man, I found plenty of refreezes of his outburst but not a single criticism or even a question from our political masters or the MSM about the military interfering directly in the political process. And it is no accident that the military has moved into the political spotlight, after all, the Empire has had no choice but resort to armed force as its ‘solution’ to political/economic problems (caused by its policies in the first place!).

So it’s a double-whammy once again, a feast of imperialist wars abroad and economic/social crises at home, a re-run of the 1930s (and all for pretty much the same the reasons), replete with elected, alleged socialists morphing into fascists through a sophisticated ‘rebranding’ of what it is to be fascist. Now we’re fascists abroad and humanitarian at home, well that’s how most of the world sees us and quite rightly so. Unfortunately we don’t see that view represented in our mass media/entertainment behemoth. What we get is the Big Lie, repeated over and over again.”


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