Posted by: quiscus | May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011

1.  “The most frustrating part of dealing with the statist is the blind acceptance of the murder and violent abuse of human beings under the guise of freedom. Just how did mass murder in the middle east keep us safe?

As the U.S. brings ‘freedom’ through murder and torture. If one questions this they are demonized for opposing the empire. The United States is no better than Nazi Germany. People become upset when they hear this reality. They do not want to see their empire as the evil it is. They do not wish to upset the system. They are happy if the state invades countries for oil as long as they keep driving their cars to their suburban homes they do not wish to upset it. Why would they? They are the victors. The blood is not thrown in their face, the media sterilizes the reality of their murder for them. They do not have to walk over the mangled human bodies or the people crying out in pain every day. Out of sight out of mind.

Every one of those victims of the U.S. Empire was a human being just like you. Think of all that you live for. Think of how you value your life and the lives of your loved ones then think of each one of those lives snuffed out so some corporation like Black Water or Haliburton could make their money. So many sit fat and happy living a life of devotion to the state praising the murderer as a hero with blind nationalism. I feel sorry for each one of you. I hope for your sakes that there is no God, for he will not look kindly on you.

Your state is built of the most disgusting acts of oppression and murder one can imagine, yet the masses pledge their allegiance.  Others kill and murder while our state sheds blood for freedom. Bullshit. They say that voluntary society would be chaos. I ask exactly what the fuck has your United States Empire brought?

The media in the U.S. is one of the most disgusting vulgar displays of spreading mass ignorance. They show countless images of glorious Marines ‘liberating’ the world. They conveniently do not show the countless images of mangled bodies of the innocent victims. While I was in the Marine Corps I would see countless CD’s of images coming from Iraq and Afghanistan. I sat there and watched video after video and picture after picture. Much of it was just images of marines jacking around. Some of what they sent back would be burnt into my mind forever. They mess with my head. I remember one man standing there in fear with his family. I could see the fear in his eyes as the gun of a Marine was pointed right at him. I saw the tears in his eyes, not flowing down his face, but just enough to reflect the light. This man did not know if his life would continue. I will never know if the poor man lived.

I remember the videos of human beings disintegrating in a poof of pink mist. What little was left of their bodies a mist of liquids falling to the ground. I do not have any love for the United States, only disdain. The fact I was a Marine is a point of shame not pride. What should the media show? Let them show the reality, not the invented fantasy of the victors. Let every citizen of the U.S. Empire see every human life ripped to pieces by their tax dollars. The citizens of the empire are happy in their sterilized environment not seeing the horror and reality of the state they worship. I will not pledge my allegiance to the mass murder of the state.”

2.  “Why Facts No Longer Matter in the Media Discourse

How Media Outlets Became The New “Carnival Barkers”

“The sad truth of the matter is that most Americans don’t pay much attention to politics and those that do often just parrot doctrine instead of investigating issues with an open mind. This allows lies, myths, and dubious assertions to live on long after they should have shriveled and died in the light of day.”

No surprisingly, the dominance of conservative media produces more people who align themselves as conservatives and will only understand the world that way. The shortage of progressive media outlets limits the mass the circulation of progressive perspectives. No wonder the media marketplace is so devoid of competing ideas.”


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