Posted by: quiscus | April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

1.  “ABC News Reporter Served As FBI Informant

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, ABC News received a tip that Iraq was behind the terrorist attack.

Gawker’s John Cook reports that the informant was current CBS News VP and Washington Bureau Chief Christopher Isham. Isham declined to comment, and a CBS spokesperson referred them to ABC.”

2.  “Bahrain: Western Complicity in Saudi-Backed War Crimes

Civilian Killings, Disappearances, Torture, Chemical Warfare and Organ Theft…

Another violation of international law concerns the alleged use of chemical warfare agents by the Peninsula Shield forces.

One Bahraini senior consultant said: “We are sure that nerve agents are being used against protesters. Hundreds of people have been treated for severe symptoms of nerve poisoning that are quite distinct from exposure to teargas.”

This diagnosis of nerve gas poisoning was verified independently by other senior doctors. One toxicologist said: “I am 100 per cent sure that these people were suffering from nerve gas poisoning. All the symptoms match those of poisoning with organophosphate chemicals that are used as chemical warfare weapons.”

The toxicologist went on to explain that the effects of teargas are relatively mild and shortlived, causing coughing and streaming of eyes for 15-60 minutes. However, the medic noted:  “People were being brought into the hospitals suffering from unconsciousness, severe convulsions, spasms in their hands and limbs, memory loss, vomiting, the loss of voluntary muscle function, leading to urination and diarrhea. These symptoms match closely those of poisoning with organophosphate neurotoxins. Furthermore, we treated people with the drug, atropine, which is an antidote specific to this organophosphate toxicology.”

It should be pointed out that the use of such nerve agents is illegal under the 1993 UN Convention against Chemical weapons, to which the Bahrain state and its Western allies are signatories. It should also be noted that the same toxicology and claims of neuro toxins being deployed against civilian protesters have been reported in the US-backed Yemeni regime. That such a grave violation of international law was conducted contemporaneously by two US-backed regimes strongly suggests that these states were given clearance from Washington.

Claims of organ theft

To the catalogue of crimes against humanity committed by the Peninsula Shield forces are allegations that the bodies of victims of state violence are being used to harvest organs. According to pro-democracy sources, as many as 17 bodies of victims released from military custody show signs of deep surgery from the neck to the abdomen. One of those cases is that of Abdulrazul Al Hujairi, mentioned above.

Another case is that of 15-year-old Sayed Ahmed Saeed Shams, who was shot dead on the night of March a drive-by shooting by police, say witnesses. The youth was killed by a single bullet entry above the left eye. When his body was returned to the family for burial the next day, the entire upper body had been subjected to deep surgery – surgery that was unrelated to the cause of death. This and several other cases of inexplicable surgery on victims of state violence are fuelling claims of illegal organ theft, claims that at least deserve an international independent inquiry. ”

3.  “The Obama Disaster, at Home and Abroad

There is nothing left of Obama, except the “moderate Republicrat corporate lawyer” that he has always been. He refuses to fight in the people’s interest, because he is not interested in the people – only in his foolish dream of a grand alliance with the GOP in service of Wall Street. But the GOP feels triumphant, and isn’t playing his games. “Obama has already sacrificed trillions in social spending trying to split the budget difference with Republicans who persist in seeking total victory.”


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