Posted by: quiscus | April 2, 2011

April 2, 2011

Why They Hate Us
Most of us seem to care nothing of the atrocities committed in our name. Even worse, many of us actively support the politicians and military who bring these horrors to other people. We implicitly celebrate these acts of slaughter in parades for veterans. We “support our troops.” We name streets and buildings after presidents who ended the lives of literally millions of innocent people. In the name of humanitarianism abroad, we enlist the help of a state that jails without trial, claims the right to do anything to anyone on earth, and has tortured hundreds or thousands of detainees to death.


By “we” I am referring, of course, to the American people as a group, which is problematic. Even worse is considering the government an extension of the popular will. American voters fight over which sociopath should run the war machine, condemning other nations for nuclear ambitions and human rights abuses while sitting comfortably amidst the largest prison population on earth and an unsurpassed arsenal of inherently aggressive weapons, including tens of thousands of nukes.

We argue seriously about what “we” should do to stop Iran from one day obtaining nuclear weapons, almost all in agreement that this is the U.S. government’s business, even as we do not stand up and demand our government, the only one ever to intentionally murder civilians with atomic bombs, disarm unilaterally and unconditionally. We debate endlessly about the most minor details of domestic politics as a bipartisan empire financed with our tax dollars and central bank lays waste to countries, destroys the most priceless archives of cultural records, deliberately poisons foreigners by the thousands, prevents people from getting food and medicine, and drops terroristic death from the sky, perhaps more than all other governments in history combined.

Then there are those troops on the ground, chopping off body parts, shooting helpless kids for sport, gleefully playing with the remains of some of the millions of casualties of America’s post-9/11 killing spree. The military apologizes for the photos, but not for the war that makes these atrocities inevitable. This is the rot at the soul of the American empire. When its leaders claim that their last round of bombing in intended to and will effectively secure human rights, why on earth would anyone in his right mind believe them?”

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