Posted by: quiscus | February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

“Britain. Incipient Fascist State

It seems to me that in respect of any or all of these matters our political system is a long way short of a democracy and that we are living with a power structure which is overwhelmingly dominated by Capital Britain, whose interests are the only matters of concern and to the well-being of which we are deeply subservient. I see no reason to withhold the adjective ‘totalitarian’ from this society, and really it deserves not the slightest respect: the misery and loss of life and destruction of wealth that it is causing and which will affect all of us, (not just those elsewhere), is manifestly vastly greater than any previous regime of the kind has ever accomplished. Totalitarian, then, but in view of two other matters which I have not yet addressed it seems more appropriate to describe what is emerging as fascist.

a). the Media. It is clear, I think, from a great deal of the discussion which goes on in the web in such sites as Media Lens and Global Research, that there is a widely held view that there is no major publicly available news and current affairs radio or television channel and no newspaper which reports events in a manner free of bias. The reason that this bias matters is that it is invariably bias towards a rather ill-defined centre which is very close to Capital Britain, of which, of course most of the media form a part. This is not quite the same as the government, though the interests of the one are close to the interests of the other,, so that Capital Britain, in dictating the slant to be given to reporting, is not the latter day equivalent of Dr. Goebbels, nor indeed is it the voice of any political party or any other single centre of influence. None the less its voice is Funf to the media industry and what it emits is propaganda. Propaganda. There are books which describe in detail how the bias operates, (see refs. 3, 4, and 5), and I won’t spend time here trying to summarise how it works, but the effect of the bias is to create an electorate of which the overwhelming majority do not question any situation which is presented to them. Just look at the litany of bland lies and deliberate misrepresentations emerging from the press and the B.B.C. even as I write, about the uprising in Egypt and compare it with the factual situation set out by Professor Chossudovsky (ref 6). This I find the most frightening aspect of the whole situation in which we find ourselves in Britain today, and it stamps the word ‘fascist’ across every aspect of Government.

b). The police. The horrors of living in a fascist state are already becoming apparent, and recent events have shown clearly that the Governments’ view of the proper role of the police is a long way short of desirable. Schoolchildren find themselves ‘kettled’ if they protest against the imposition of tuition fees. The disabled are hauled out of wheelchairs and dragged across the street to encourage others to protest violently. Demonstrations are deliberately turned violent by police so that our bent media can show the public how nasty these kids really are. (And all this just outside the House of Commons, where lobby fodder are debating the cuts, but none venture outside to see what all the noise is about.). Small kids, (well, 12 years old) are bullied by police officers without a parent in sight for thinking they might have a little demonstration of their own against cuts. We have policemen in disguise joining protest movements acting as agents- provocateur, and going to bed with any of the protesters they can interest in joining them, to promote their credentials. We have proposals for I.D. cards to help keep everybody under control, and surveillance cameras to make prosecutions easier, and police forces doing funny things to sort out Mr. Sheridan, and more funny things to secure the future of Mr. Assange. And paid private armies of thugs involved in deporting and killing people who shouldn’t be here. And all of it hush-hushed and not talked about.”


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