Posted by: quiscus | January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

1.  Good:

Beyond Mubarak: Protesters’ Anger Turns on US, Israel

US Backing for Egyptian Regime Rubs Protesters the Wrong Way”

2.  Good:

“Egyptian Masss WOn’t Play Ally To Israel”

3.  “The media continually builds an association of Islam with war,instability and repression, creating a false stereotype.

Some might argue,  that the media merely reports what is already in existence. However things are not so straightforward in the real world. For the lens is neither neutral nor objective.

It is subject to a set of pre-defined choices and calculations that decide what we see and do not see, know and do not know.

The media is not a mirror reflecting what is out there. Its role is not simple, passive transmission, but active creation, shaping, and manufacturing, through a lengthy process of selection, filtering, interpretation, and editing.

The hidden arms that hold the reins of our media – the giant news corporations and their masters – are not benign charities driven by the love of humanity.”

4.  Good:

“Egypt Army Says They Won’t Fire on Their Own People

The Egyptian army has reportedly issued a statement declaring they will not fire on the hundreds of thousands of protesters occupying Tahrir Square.

This occurs as the protesters, led by the April 6 movement, issue a call for a general strike and a “million man march” to finally topple the US-backed regime.

I think we can say, with near certainty, that Mubarak is finished.”

5.  A great article:

How the US Became a Police State

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