Posted by: quiscus | January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

1.  “Cable: Israel Planned Another ‘Large Scale War’ in Late 2009

Army Chief Vowed Not to Protect Civilians in Next War

The war would’ve been the second large scale war of the year, as Israel had just gotten done invading the Gaza Strip in January of 2009. The document was dated November 15, 2009, and believed it was an opportune time for another war.

Ashkenazi appeared to believe that either another invasion of Southern Lebanon or another invasion of the Gaza Strip was a good idea, and added in the cable that, despite complaints about large numbers of civilians killed in previous Israeli invasions, that next time he wouldn’t allow “any restrictions” on attacks in areas filled with civilians.”

2.  “US aircraft carrier skipper in hot water over videos

The commander of a US aircraft carrier has come under fire for having his crews watch videos he produced with slurs against gays, scenes with simulated masturbation, and service members showering together.”

3.  “War Causes Inflation … And Inflation Allows The Government to Start Unnecessary Wars

And now if we look at the entire sweep of history, we can make an utterly obvious claim: All wars are inflationary. Period. No exceptions.

Why? Simple, really. Any time the government engages in deficit spending, it creates the conditions for inflation. However when the deficit spending is on legitimate infrastructure, such as roads or bridges, that investment will slowly “pay for itself” by boosting productivity and paving the way for the creation of additional goods and services that will ‘soak up’ the extra cash over time.

Wars, however, are special. Vast quantities of money are spent on things that are meant to be blown up. The money stays at home, while the goods get sent off to be blown up. When a bomb blows up, there is no residual benefit to the domestic economy later on. This means war spending is the most inflationary of all spending.”

4.  “Feminist Human Rights vs. the Conning of Patriotism

I found myself confronted with conflicting “values,” using the term loosely for a moment. Most blatant is how the value of patriotism in war time elevates sacrifice for one’s country over the value of human life. The military, claiming to defend its country, teaches soldiers to value the lives of their buddies over their own, which keeps them fighting, as it would be unmanly to not protect your buddy. Meanwhile, they treat anyone who is not their military buddy in a combat zone as an enemy whose life has no value, who the soldiers are trained to think of as not even having a life. “

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