Posted by: quiscus | January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth
Morrissey believes our government’s propaganda arm (whatever they call it now) is fully aware that a well-managed conspiracy cover-up can have a very intimidating effect, which can be very effective in keeping the public docile and obedient.

Specifically he argues there is major value (from the government point of view) in disclosing a limited amount of information concerning government culpability in atrocities such as the JFK assassination and 911. He bases his view on something he calls “Transparency Theory” – thus his title The Transparent Conspiracy. He says the CIA has long recognized that “telling part of the truth is the best way to lie.” They even have a term for it: “white propaganda.” Morrissey argues that for the government to brazenly commit criminal acts can be quite effective in demoralizing and alienating the tuned-in segment of the population that fully comprehends the corrupt nature of our government institutions.

This MO seems designed to make it obvious that the named perp could not have been solely responsible for committing the crime. OTOH, the cover up seems intended to withhold evidence leading to other perps. One obvious question–are the benefits (i.e. intimidation, demoralization, confusion) of a transparent MO worth all the trouble involved in an extensive government/media cover up?

I especially like comparing 9/11 to the JFK Assassination since a vast majority of Americans (80%) already view this as a conspiracy. And because there are some striking parallels:

1. The Zapruder Film and Building 7 footage changing public opinion.
2. The magic bullet found in the stretcher and the magic passport found on the street.
3. Eyewitnesses to gunshots on the Grassy Knoll and WTC explosion eyewitnesses.
4. Stand-down of security at Dealy Plaza and stand-down of air defenses on 9/11.
5. CIA connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and CIA connection to Osama Bin Laden.
6. Rifle experts cannot replicate Oswald’s shots from sniper’s nest and pilots cannot replicate Hanjour’s flight path in simulator.
7. Lost or destroyed evidence from JFK assassination and lost or destroyed evidence from 9/11 crime scene.
8. Shifting stories for the kind of rifle found implicating Oswald and shifting stories for where Atta’s bag was found implicating the alleged hijackers.
9. The Warren Commission Cover-up and the 9/11 Commission Cover-up.
10. Vietnam war policy change immediately followed JFK assassination and Afghanistan & Iraq war policy allowed by the 9/11 pretext.”


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