Posted by: quiscus | November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010

1.  “How Veterans Day Became a Farce

Simply put, Veterans Day and its springtime counterpart, Memorial Day, have become nothing but an institutionalized distraction from the truth. A temporary salve on our conscience, and a decoy for the war-makers.


Ideally, these “holidays” should be used instead to teach our children that we can only truly honor the men and women in the Armed Services by making sure they don’t die senselessly on the battlefield ever again – that our role as “citizen” is to challenge and shape the decisions made by the government, not become a slave to it.


Only then could we look at the photographs of veterans in wheelchairs or with injuries that have rendered them unrecognizable to their families, and say, never forget, never again – and truly mean it.”

2.  “Some News: Show Trials Are Bad and Lead to Bad Results

As for Feige’s observation that a show trial of this kind “will still be far better than any of the available alternatives,” I have to say that, when the “best” the system allows is an outcome this heinous, the only decent and genuinely civilized response is to refuse to have anything at all to do with it.

Personally, I prefer my murderous, bloody tyranny straight. Play your charades if you must. I shall not be participating.”

3.  “Does the Justice System Actually Dispense Justice … Or Does It Just Serve the Powers-That-Be, Like the Other Branches of Government?”

4.  “Criminalizing Dissent in America under the Anti-Terrorism Legislation: Going After Political Organizers ”

5.  “Two presidents and their justifications

I actually laughed audibly when I read that because, on reflection, it so perfectly expresses the Change — sorry, “tweaking” — that Barack Obama has brought to the nation in these areas:  we’re going to keep in place and aggressively enforce George Bush’s unfettered laptop seizure policy for Americans, but our Goodness is reflected by our new requirement that some low-level unaccountable “supervisor” somewhere give their approval if we want to keep the citizen’s seized property for more than five days. Well, just as long as some unseen “supervisor” agrees that my seized, searched and downloaded laptop can be permanently stolen by the Federal Government and all its data permanently stored and shared even in the absence of a whiff of suspicion that I’ve done anything wrong, then I’m satisfied.

An O’Connor-Souter Commission!  That’ll teach people never to torture again.  Sure, Hiatt acknowledged with a yawn, we’re “a nation of laws” and we can’t simply “forget” when our most powerful political officials commit the most serious war crimes, etc. etc. etc..  But criminal investigations are so terribly messy, uncivil, uncouth, distracting and disruptive.  Prosecutions are for those dirty rabble on the street selling drugs to other adults whom I sometimes see from the window of my car, not for our upstanding, Serious political leaders.  When they commit grievous crimes, we should have an impotent Commission of other upstanding, Serious political leaders politely look at what happened, issue a pretty Report, and then call it a day.  That is why George W. Bush feels so free to run around beating his chest and boasting of his war crimes:  because Fred Hiatt and his media comrades, masquerading as watchdogs over the politically powerful, have deliberately created the climate where such crimes can not only be committed, but publicly confessed and heralded, with total impunity.”


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