Posted by: quiscus | November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010

1.  “The Obama Administration’s Justice Department today argued that the court system has absolutely no legal authority to be “looking over the shoulder” of President Obama when he decides to assassinate American citizens, insisting those are “the very core powers of the president as commander in chief.”

If the Constitution means anything, it surely means that the president does not have unreviewable authority to summarily execute any American whom he concludes is an enemy of the state,” insisted Jameel Jaffer, the ACLU legal director who presented the case against the killings.”

2.  “BP Successfully Disposed of the Oil … In the Gulf Food Chain

There’s a great corporate tradition of “disposing” toxic waste by putting it into things we eat.


For example, some folks have found a great way of disposing of toxic sludge: they helpfully relabel it as “organic compost” and then give it to people to grow food in. See this, this and this.


The Department of Energy also helpfully created the National Center of Excellence for Metals Recycle (NMR), which allegedly has allowed scrap metal from nuclear power plants to be recycled into utensils and other consumer items. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.


And as I wrote in August:

The government allegedly ordered Manhattan Project scientists to whitewash the toxicity of flouride (flouride is a byproduct in the production of weapons-grade plutonium and uranium). As Project Censored noted in 1999:

Now, the nice folks at BP have done a great job of disposing of oil from its spill: in the Gulf food chain.”


3.  “Mumia Abu Jamal is Innocent”


4.  “Obama, Republicans embrace spending cuts and tax breaks for the wealthy”




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