Posted by: quiscus | October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

1.  “Will Militarization of the First Amendment Undermine the Republic?

But First Amendment scholars and the media correctly realize, as did the Court of Appeals, that although the speech is vile and repugnant, the First Amendment of the Constitution protects it. If the government starts shutting down speech that it doesn’t agree with or that isn’t favored by a majority of the population, everyone’s liberty to speak freely and influence the government is at risk. According to the Washington Post, one of the members of the church noted that the First Amendment has survived pornography, flag burning, filth on the Internet, and allegedly seditious speech, so the question is whether it can survive a few words from a small church. It needs to.

Admittedly, the church members’ words are unbelievably obnoxious at any funeral where loved ones are mourned, whether it’s military or civilian. The persons doing the protests should be ashamed of themselves. But that is not the question. Preservation of liberty in a republic is undergirded by the ability for people to speak freely without penalty, no matter how distasteful the speech.

How the Supreme Court should rule is clear; but in many past instances they have deferred excessively to the military and national security and public passions about them. And it has gotten worse as U.S. foreign policy has been militarized after the Korean War – with the creation of the first permanent large peacetime army in the nation’s history. After the Vietnam War, the advent of the all-volunteer force, and 9/11, the adulation of the military has reached new heights. The military should have been criticized for blinding incompetence after failing to learn the lessons of counterinsurgency from Vietnam, thus bungling the early stages of the military occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, but only worship poured out from the American people and its politicians.

This militarization is not only bad for the republic but even worse for the military and its service members. After all, they are the ones left holding the bag when fighting in faraway, unneeded, pointless, and bloody quagmires. Thus, service members should be wary of excessive flattery thrown their way.”

2.  There ya go:

Pentagon: More War Will Promote Reconciliation

3.  No kidding:

“The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence. The World is at the Precipice of another World War

All government officials and military officers who might launch or wage a nuclear war would be personally responsible for the commission of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. And such individuals whether statesmen or high level military personnel would not be entitled to any defenses of superior orders, act of state, tu quoque, self-defense, presidential authority, etc. All those defenses were made by lawyers for the Nazi defendants at Nuremberg and they were rejected. And yet today in the United States of America starting with the Bush Junior administration and now continuing with Obama you will hear international lawyers working for the government, and many in the private sector, making Nazi arguments to justify what the United States government is doing around the world. That’s how desperate the situation is!

The whole Bush Doctrine of preventive warfare, which is yet to be officially repealed by Obama now after 18 months, was made by the Nazi lawyers for the Nazi defendants at Nuremberg, and it was rejected. And the argument by Nuremberg was: There is no such thing as preventive self-defense or things of this nature. What is self-defense can only be determined by reference to international law. And the test is clearly: the necessity of self-defense must be instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, no moment for deliberation. Certainly not Afghanistan or Iraq or Lebanon or Palestine or Iran or Somalia or Yemen or Pakistan. And yet all victims of this Nazi doctrine of preventive self-defense that is now justified by all these prostituted international lawyers on the payroll of the United States government, leaving government service, now they infiltrate into American academia where they likewise try to justify these doctrines and policies that were condemned as criminal at Nuremberg.”


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