Posted by: quiscus | September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

1.  “Palin and Beck Don’t Support the Troops

Palin and Beck managed to take it to staggering new heights: they proclaimed the American soldier to be the unspoiled, suggesting everyone else be reborn in his image. The military, in effect, are gods.

But they are not gods. They are not only flawed like us, but we learn everyday that the war and the war culture fosters the very worst in some people, while it chews up and spits out others so they become mere shadows of what they were before.

Those who shrink from talking about these atrocities for fear of being called traitors need to get wise, particularly the flourishing Tea Partiers dedicated to smashing the “tyranny of government.” Remember, the war hawks who throw up and support the false edifice of patriotism, demanding our silence, are serving the interests of the government, not the individual.

For that, I argue that Beck and Palin are hurting the very “warriors” they deify. They enable the state by engaging in its propaganda, while ignoring the obvious cries of help for recognition and reform from within the ranks. Palin and Beck could care less that despite the circumstances, most are victims of the system. They never ask how – or why – the military is pushing these human beings beyond their limits and then dropping them like dirty laundry when they are used up and no longer useful. They only demand they give more.”

2.  “Judge Tosses Felony Wiretapping Charges Against Motorist Who Recorded His Own Traffic Stop

3.  “Global Cooling and the New World Order. Global Cooling on the Agenda of the Bilderbergs”

4.  “Billionaires Unite! Against Public Education and Teachers

the Facebook founder’s donation of $100 million to the Newark, New Jersey school district will almost certainly require — according to The New York Times — that the school institute these reforms, much like Bill Gates’ donation of $100 million to the Tampa Hillsborough County School District — and the $90 million to the Memphis school district — had the same types of strings attached.

What are the conditions for receiving this “charity” of billionaires? It’s the same demands for receiving money from the federal government under Obama’s badly-named Race to the Top program: creating more privately administered — or for profit — Charter schools; connecting teacher’s pay with student test scores (merit pay); undermining the seniority of teachers; and other tricks to dis-empower teachers and public education.

Gates’ ideas about education — blaming teachers for everything — ignores what most teachers already know: the main predictor for a student’s success is social-economic background. Rich students outperform poor students for many different reasons: less stress, more resources, parental help, etc. Ignoring this obvious fact exposes the billionaires’ profit motive behind their fake charity.  ”

5.  And these billions don’t even include the bribes paid directly to candidates – aka political contributions:

How Corporations Own Congress

The same New York Times article revealed that the pay for 13,000 lobbyists [!] currently bribing Congress is a combined $3.5 billion.  It was also explained how some lobbying firms keep an equal amount of Democrats and Republicans on hand, so they can be prepared for any eventuality in the elections.

This phenomenon is more than a little undemocratic: when millions of people vote for a candidate, the outcomes are quickly manipulated and controlled before the election even happens.


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