Posted by: quiscus | August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

1.  “Pentarchs are the oligarchs of the Pentarchy, that cabal of sandbox generals, bathtub admirals, beltway bandits, AIPAC rats, Warlord Fauntleroys, New American Centurions, Long War legislators, Dr. Strangeloves, G.I. Joe Six-Packs, Pavlov’s dogs of war, and other patriotic psychopaths whose narrow self interests and well-funded efforts have made the long dreamed-of permanent American security state a reality.”

2.  “A Specious Compromise on Cordoba

Of course, the official conservative position – “we are tolerant, just not here” – was always a transparent lie.

Imagine a middle-class black couple trying to move into a mostly white apartment building. The co-op board demands the couple denounce some “fellow blacks” who were convicted of some robberies there. The bewildered pair agrees. Some white residents remain unsatisfied and rail against inclusion; many back racial profiling and police raids in black neighborhoods. In a gesture of “compromise,” the board’s leading lights draft a letter advising the couple that they should exercise their civil rights – just not here: “Your presence may be intended as a bridge or gesture at integration, but it will not be perceived that way unless a real dialogue happens. As part of that dialogue, please move to the other side of town.”

Why has the compromise crowd embraced this perverse take on dialogue? They likely do not share conservatives’ hatred for Islam – but they may share their fondness for denial. Insisting that America’s Muslims apologize for something they did not do preempts an honest look at what America has done and continues to do.”

3.   “FBI: No Probable Cause Required For Surveillance”

4.  “Wikileaks Servers Move To Underground Nuclear Bunker”


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