Posted by: quiscus | August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010

1.  “When I first heard about the 9-11 conspiracy theories, I ignored them, believing that if there were anything to them, I would’ve heard about it from Keith Olbermann, Amy Goodman or Paul Krugman. Now I know better. I have a good friend who met Rachel Maddow on an Air America cruise. Maddow knows all about 9/11, but, she says, she must keep mum or it would destroy her career.”

2.  “Dispersants Cause Gulf Fish to Absorb More Toxins and then Make It Harder for the Fish to Get Rid of the Pollutants Once Exposed

3.  ”

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There Are No Heroes In Illegal And Immoral Wars

This is not an attack on soldiers, sailors, and Marines. Military personnel may act heroically in specific situations, showing courage and compassion, but for them to be heroes in the truest sense they must be engaged in a legal and morally justifiable conflict. That is not the case with the U.S. invasions and occupations of Iraq or Afghanistan, and the social pressure on us to use the language of heroism — or risk being labeled callous or traitors — undermines our ability to evaluate the politics and ethics of wars in a historical framework.

Part of that propaganda campaign is suggesting that critics of the war don’t support the troops, don’t recognize their sacrifices, don’t appreciate their heroism. We escape the propaganda by not playing that game, by telling the truth even when it is painful. “

4.  “Enough of the Myth of American Morality

It’s Time for Americans to stop making false proclamations about this Country that only demonstrate their ignorance and unwillingness to face what happened yesterday, much less the historical truth of the United States. Since the brief shift of direction toward exposing truth during the end of the Bush era and 2008 Presidential campaign, this country has wildly – even spastically – swung back in the direction of madness and deception, and it is certainly no mystery why.

In the last ten years this country (or the corporate slavers) has committed more crimes against Man, God, and Planet than is still possible to conceive, yet what ‘seems’ to be most Americans are content to pretend none of it happened. Granted, a good portion of that ‘appearance’ is due to corporate control of media and mis-education from diversionary propaganda, but there is no shortage of examples of good old fashioned ignorance and denial.

Two stolen national elections, false-flag operations (and 3 Trillion dollars) to start two colonial corporate wars, policy of torture for false confessions, destruction and dissolution of constitutional privacy into a covert corporate surveillance industry, deliberate economic collapse through industry wide mortgage and insurance fraud, 24T to refinance the Globo-Econo-Criminals that crashed it in the first place, destruction of the illusion of finance, fairness, and justice, and any number of other staggering overt efforts have been exposed and acknowledged, yet people have ‘forgotten’ all of it and have been drawn back into their comfortable delusions about what this country is and what this country does.

The real conversation gets lost in the lowest common denominators of hate and ignorance, and that is the corporate slavers’ intention. Rather than figure out why all of the supposed hijackers are still alive, it’s easier for the people to believe box cutters made three of the most soundly constructed buildings on the planet turn to powder, and made the air force disappear for a day. Rather than question why all of the steel beams from WTC were immediately trucked off in guarded convoys and shipped to China for meltdown without any forensic investigation, it’s easier for them to blame an entire ‘dark, foreign, and strange’ religion that had nothing to do with it. All of this while heaping religious and moral hypocrisy upon religious and moral hypocrisy with one group trying to get a Catholic Bishop to mediate whether Muslims can build a Community Center, while another plans a Koran Book Burning.

The slavers know this, and that’s why this trumped up ‘controversy’ is all over the news along with issues like Dr. Laura’s fight for her First Amendment right to tell ‘niggers’ they are too sensitive and shouldn’t marry outside of their race. Division and diversion away from their own motives and actions are the intent, and division and diversion are the result. If the denial in this country were not equivalent to a 15 meter thick titanium shield, it would be easily understood why turning half the population against the Alien Muslim Marxist Communist Kenyan Terrorist Manchurian (‘Nigger’) President is so easy to do, while ten years of actual fascist takeover went unnoticed.

This is the farcical delusion they call the “Land of the Free.” This is the miracle of the “Free Enterprise” system. Criminality masquerading as Civilization and always one step from being discovered as the fraud it is. This is the reason for the sudden burst of propaganda, tax-payer funded ‘terror’ attacks, and every divisive issue since the 1950s being rolled out in the hopes of continuing to derail Evolution. If the people of this planet actually realize the simplicity and outrageousness of their own enslavement, the Slavers know they are not long for this world. They need to reignite the fear and hatred that fueled the origin of their way of life and business, lest the truth of that business be revealed for all to see.

This is why their biggest fear is what they call ‘redistribution of wealth.’ They want to keep all of that Monopoly money to themselves. The slavers are very well aware that everything they have is built on the backs and bodies of slaves and that all of the ‘property’ they claim is stolen. The fact that part of an 18th century slave ship was just found under WTC Ground Zero (something that should have gotten considerably more press than the Islamophobia diversion) is literal proof of that. They know if that reality is understood by the masses, ‘redistribution’ is exactly what would and should happen. So when you see the likes of Lady Lynn Forester De-Rothschild show up on MSNBC portending to be a Democrat and the voice of the little people, pay close attention to the language they use. Once you understand the truth of their motivations, the language and fears of the slavers becomes easy to see.”


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