Posted by: quiscus | August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

1.  “Bolton was Contradicted by Bush on Iran’s Bushehr Reactor”

2.  “The secrets in Israel’s archives: Evidence of ethnic cleansing kept under lock and key”

3.  “The UN Security Council Regime of Tribunals and Sanctions: A Smokescreen for Military Seizure of Regions and Resources

It is not surprising that the Security Council-appointed Hariri Tribunal continues the murky traditions of all hitherto Security Council-appointed special international tribunals, including for Rwanda and Yugoslavia, among others. They were uncovered by leading jurists and Defense Counsel for what they really are: geopolitical instruments to camouflage dark deeds in various regions, committed by the Anglo–American-Israeli governments axis with the acquiescence of other permanent members of the Security Council, in collaboration with governments who are their military proxies. They carried out military aggression, merciless bombings of the civilian population, sectarian killings by more than one group to fracture existing societies and regime change and pre-planned assassinations to replace governments. They also pillaged hydrocarbons and minerals, among other financial and economic objectives, including the lethal trade in drugs for money laundering into Banks and financial institutions of the coalition of the willing. Further acts include stationing military troops to re-colonize countries, a joint enterprise of major banking, financial and corporate entities of more than one country recently facing a financial denouement in their own heartlands, bailed out by massive subsidies from the public exchequer at the cost of citizens everywhere.”

4.  “What political courage looks like

Aside from Michael Bloomberg’s impassioned, principled speech in defense of Park 51 — and, if one wants to be generous about it, Barack Obama’s initial, voluntary defense of the religious freedom values at stake — there have been very few commendable acts in this dispute.  Until now.

The developer of the project, Sharif El-Gamal, gave his first interview this afternoon, with NY 1, and categorically refused even to consider backing down.  He made clear that Park 51 has the absolute constitutional right to build a community center in Lower Manhattan, and refused even to acknowledge the toxic notion that Muslims generally somehow bear responsibility for the 9/11 attack.  Refusing to be bullied in the face of an ugly, national, majoritarian onslaught, egged on by a wide array of national leaders exploiting the most base impulses of the population, is the true definition of political courage.   Let’s hope they maintain their resolve.  Their insisting on the free, unfettered exercise of their core liberties strengthens those rights for everyone; conversely, their stern rejection of the bigoted premises at the heart of this campaign makes it less likely that those premises will succeed the next time they are invoked.”


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