Posted by: quiscus | August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

1.  “Anti-war activists are protesting at the University of California, Berkeley to demand the removal of John Yoo, a constitutional law professor who used to work for the Bush administration.

The protesters planned to demonstrate outside UC Berkeley’s School of Law on Monday, the first day of fall classes.

Yoo worked for President Bush’s Office of Legal Counsel from 2001 to 2003, when he helped craft legal theories for waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques.”

2.  “Gulf Shrimpers Find Oil In Reopened Fishing Areas. Governnment Says “Shut Up”. Sierra Club Alleges Areas Were Solely Reopened to Limit BP’s Liability”

3.  “Corexit Is Being Sprayed at Night, Even Now (According to BP Vessel of Opportunity Workers and Others)”

4.  “Why Petraeus Can’t Make The Sale

As Gen. David Petraeus kicks off an extended media blitz intended to make Americans feel better about the war in Afghanistan — or at least give him some more time to fight it — he faces a foe more implacable than al Qaeda, or even the Taliban: Reality.

That reality, increasingly obvious to national security experts and the general public alike, is that no amount of good intentions or firepower is going to advance our fundamental interests in Afghanistan — and that as much as Petraeus might be able to achieve in the next six months, or a year, little to none of it is sustainable and most of it is, even worse, counterproductive.

U.S. taxpayers are spending vast amounts of money on the war — over $200 million a day for military operations alone. Our troops work tirelessly, fight and die to protect and build up the people and institutions of Afghanistan.

But how that turns into success remains wildly unclear. And even more importantly, the relationship between what we’re doing on a day to day basis and our ostensible goal — keeping America safe from al Qaeda — seems increasingly tenuous.”

5.  “Israel’s Useful Idiots
Christian Students to Defend Israel Abroad

Knesset lobby recruits Christian ‘ambassadors’ to counter pro-Palestinian campaigns against Israel on overseas campuses. ‘When you send a Jewish student, they immediately say he’s not objective,’ explains MK Yoel Hasson”


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