Posted by: quiscus | August 15, 2010

August 15, 2010

What sh1. Crap:

“Secret Assault on Terrorism Widens on Two Continents”

2. Of course not. Why should any military man listen to the rest of us?

He’s a bad American, and he should be fired for not obeying his commander-in-chief.

“Petraeus ‘Not Bound’ by July 2011 Drawdown Date in Afghanistan”

3. “Obama Backs Off Support for NYC Mosque Project

But the fact that President Obama so quickly retreated and started spouting the anti-mosque talking points about the site being “hallowed ground” leave one wondering, much as previous “hardline” positions he has taken and immediately abandoned, why he bothered opening his mouth at all.”

4. “What should a poor warmongering Neoconservative do?

Despite being willing to stop in at an occasional cocktail party, President Obama could not care less what the Neoconservatives say, want or do. Few have been appointed from their ranks to high and influential positions in the Obama administration, in contrast to W.’s, where they held the 8 key positions that allowed them to help push the US into a decade of rampaging wars. The American public, having been tricked by their fallacious arguments and cynical propaganda into the Iraq War, does not want to hear from them. They no longer get much television time. Their main project of today, an aggressive war on Iran, is a non-starter with the current White House, its generals, intelligence officials, and most importantly with a public already unemployed, beggared and indebted to the tune of $13 trillion, in part because of the Neocons earlier mad adventures– a public that has also lost over 4000 dead and tens of thousands wounded and permanently disabled warriors over a pack of Neocon lies.”

ould a poor warmongering Neoconservative do?


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