Posted by: quiscus | July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010

1.  “Why Is the Antiwar Movement Stalled?

“The Rise of Right Wing Populism & the Tea Party: Do We Need a Right-Left Coalition?”

That this question is in dispute tells us how misguided, and out of it, these people are. It also shows how immoral and narcissistic they are: while Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis are being blown to bits, they are wondering whether we ought to be building a broad-based movement that transcends their petty sectarian concerns, or whether what passes for the antiwar movement should be their own personal sandbox.”

2.  “‘Outrage’ as Cameron Slams Gaza Blockade

British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing a massive backlash today following his criticism of the ongoing blockade of the Gaza Strip. Cameron insisted the blockade ‘has to change’ and that the strip “must not be allowed to remain a prison camp.”

3.  “Our big-government war on terror

Our interminable war on terror sometimes seems designed to justify every bad thing libertarians have ever said about government. For example, it’s uncontested that the Bush administration’s “enhanced interrogation” techniques came from a training program adopted after Chinese communists tortured U.S. soldiers captured in Korea.

Morality aside, it’s almost impossible to imagine a dumber basis for fighting terror than adopting communist tactics designed to elicit false confessions. … Unless it’s the Hayekian nightmare of spending a trillion dollars and more than 5,000 American lives trying to create law-governed liberal democracies via military fiat.”

4.  “Corpulent Country: Obesity in the USA

A long time ago, the processed food industry discovered that fat, salt, and sugar enhanced the flavor of their products, and flavorful products, as opposed to bland ones, are not only much easier to sell, they are addictive and cheap to make. The processed food industry swelled with bloat. The amount of money made is gigantic. No one cared whether people were being made unhealthy.

But why is nothing being done about it? The answer can be found by following the money. Physicians may tell patients that they need to lose weight, but doctors make money by treating obese patients. Writers and publishers of weight-control books peddling ineffective programs also make fortunes as does the health-food industry which peddles its own processed foods. Then there’s the pharmaceutical industry peddling treatments for the many afflictions caused by obesity, the manufacturers of medical and exercise equipment, and fitness centers. If Americans were healthy, how much money would all of these people lose; how many could stay in business? Healthy people are unprofitable, and profit, not health, is America’s game. It matters not that even some retired generals consider the problem a threat to national security; national security itself is a profit generating enterprise. It also matters not that people’s lives are impaired and destroyed.”

5.  “Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Fourteen. Even when released from prison, race continues to dominate. A study by Professor Devah Pager of the University of Wisconsin found that 17% of white job applicants with criminal records received call backs from employers while only 5% of black job applicants with criminal records received call backs. Race is so prominent in that study that whites with criminal records actually received better treatment than blacks without criminal records!

Professor Michelle Alexander concludes that it is no coincidence that the criminal justice system ramped up its processing of African Americans just as the Jim Crow laws enforced since the age of slavery ended. Her book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness sees these facts as evidence of the new way the US has decided to control African Americans – a racialized system of social control. The stigma of criminality functions in much the same way as Jim Crow – creating legal boundaries between them and us, allowing legal discrimination against them, removing the right to vote from millions, and essentially warehousing a disposable population of unwanted people. She calls it a new caste system.

Poor whites and people of other ethnicity are also subjected to this system of social control. Because if poor whites or others get out of line, they will be given the worst possible treatment, they will be treated just like poor blacks.”


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