Posted by: quiscus | June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

1.  ” The U.S. War Addiction: Funding Enemies to Maintain Trillion Dollar Racket
Wherever there is a war, look for CIA/IMF/private military war profiteers covertly funding and supporting BOTH sides in order to keep the wars raging and the profits rolling in. As former CIA Station Chief John Stockwell explained: “Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the US military machine to turn.”

In the process of this latest propaganda campaign, the Pentagon has unwittingly exposed two things that I will now jump on. A) The real reason why we are in this war to begin with: it’s all about natural resources. And B) All the BS statements about these “previously unknown deposits” clearly prove, yet again, that the NY Times is only too happy to play the role of a straight-up propaganda paper.

2.  “A Flash of Lightning

The present generation of idealistic youngsters from all over the world, male and female, who would once have volunteered for the kibbutzim, can now be found on the decks of the ships sailing for downtrodden, choked and starved Gaza, which touches the hearts of many young people. The pioneering Israeli David has turned into a brutish Israeli Goliath.

Even a genius of spin could not change this. For years, now, the world sees the state of Israel every day on the TV screen and on the front pages in the image of heavily armed soldiers shooting at stone-throwing children, guns firing phosphorus shells into residential quarters, helicopters executing “targeted eliminations,” and now pirates attacking civilian ships on the open seas. Terrified women with wounded babies in their arms, men with amputated limbs, demolished homes. When one sees a hundred pictures like that for every picture that shows another Israel, Israel becomes a monster. The more so since the Israeli propaganda machine is successfully suppressing any news about the Israeli peace camp.”

3.  Wikileaks -Julian Assange’s mission for total transparency.

4.  “Proposed Israeli Law Would Make Supporting Economic or Academic Boycott of Israel a Crime

The bill will affect those who launch, encourage or provide assistance and information on the boycott of Israel, whether they live in Israel or abroad.

Particularly targeted by this bill are university academics who, either within Israel or overseas, call for an economic or academic boycott of Israel.

The bill will also grant Israel’s Ministry of the Interior the power to prohibit for a period of 10 years the entry into Israel of any foreigner proven to have actively participated in the boycott of Israel.”

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