Posted by: quiscus | May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

1.  “General Petraeus’s Secret Ops

A secret military directive signed last September 30 by General David Petraeus, the Centcom commander, authorizes a vast expansion of secret US military special ops from the Horn of Africa to the Middle East to Central Asia and “appears to authorize specific operations in Iran,” according to the New York Times.

If President Obama knew about this, authorized it and still supports it, then Obama has crossed a red line, and the president will stand revealed as an aggressive, militaristic liberal interventionist who bears a closer resemblance to the president he succeeded than to the ephemeral reformer that he pretended to be in 2008, when he ran for office. If he didn’t know, if he didn’t understand the order, and if he’s unwilling to cancel it now that it’s been publicized, then Obama is a feckless incompetent. Take your pick.”

2.  Every video of Osama is fake:

“CIA Mulled Saddam Gay Sex Vid, Made Osama Tape Instead

But “the agency actually did make a video purporting to show Osama bin Laden and his cronies sitting around a campfire swigging bottles of liquor and savoring their conquests with boys,” a CIA officer recalled. The actors were drawn from “some of us darker-skinned employees.”

Hmmm… I wonder if that’s how the rumor surfaced in the British press of al-Qaeda chiefs “raping young male converts to shame them into becoming suicide bombers.”

3.  “From Times Square to Jacksonville: When Terrorism Is a Double-Standard

The Jacksonville attack didn’t happen in a vacuum. For several weeks in April and May a controversy was contrived out of the Jacksonville City Council‘s nomination of Parvez Ahmed to the city’s Human Rights Commission. Ahmed is a Fulbright Scholar and a University of North Florida professor with decades of public service to his name, as well as a long history of condemning terrorism, starting with a September 14, 2001 letter in a Pennsylvania newspaper calling the 9/11 attacks “senseless” and any use of religious labels to describe terrorists “an affront.” But Ahmed is a Muslim. Turn on the sirens.

“ACT! for America” is a hate group founded by Lebanese Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, who sees a terrorist beneath every turban. It’s her way of selling books and making money. When her act gets cold, she scavenges a cause and cashes in on the publicity. She found one in Ahmed’s nomination. Her Jacksonville chapter launched a McCarthy-era-like attack on Ahmed, concocting slanderous allegations about him having ties to terrorist groups by connecting more dregs than dots. Stupidity loves company. ACT’s slanders found support on the Jacksonville city council, particularly City Councilman Don Redman, who shamed his city by demanding that Ahmed publicly “say a prayer to your God.” It’s only when the council began worrying that an image of intolerance might hurt business in Jacksonville that it approved the Ahmed nomination on a still-shameful 13-6 vote. One of those votes belonged to Glorious Johnson, who feared that Ahmed’s nomination was dividing the city and causing others to refer to it, in her words, as “this hick town.” Her vote was among the reasons why.

Less than two weeks later, Ahmed’s mosque was firebombed. If the message wasn’t directed exclusively at Ahmed, it certainly was at the region’s 15,000 Muslims. This wasn’t swastikas on a wall. It wasn’t insults cowardly spat out of a speeding car. It was a firebomb. It was an act of terror against Muslims in Jacksonville. It’s no different than if your local church or Times Square had been firebombed. But of course it’s been different. When the target happens to be Muslim, whether it’s Jacksonville or anywhere else in the world, the attack is beneath concern, because the last thing anyone wants to admit is that hate and terror have their American franchises in spades.”

4.  “Soviet dictator Josef Stalin blocked two attempts to kill Adolf Hitler during World War Two, fearing that his replacement as Nazi leader would make peace with the Western Allies, a top Russian general said Tuesday.”

5.  “Complete List of Differences Between Obama and Bush

Here is a complete and comprehensive list of all of the substantive differences between Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush in guaranteeing safe oil drilling, reining in risky financial speculation and market manipulation, protecting citizens against obtrusive spying, fighting wars, standing up to big corporations, reducing government secrecy, and other fundamental issues:


Postscript: Of course there are many superficial differences, such as appearance, style and label of “Democrat” or “Republican”.

6.  “Israel’s Strange Behaviour on Flotilla to Gaza

Amazing the odd tactics Israel has attempted in the last two weeks with regards to the Flotilla coming to Gaza. First they threaten the ministers of the various countries, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Sweden, etc. Telling them to call back their dignitaries. Then they suddenly allow some trucks into Gaza with a little humanitarian aid, to which 4 days later they are using as propaganda, telling the world there is no need for the flotilla because Israel allowed “some” aid into Gaza. Next they get creative, and build their own little flotilla of racist bigot boats, that were decorated pleasure boats with insulting signs, then sailed them past the flotilla in protest. I must admit, that one made me laugh. All the while telling the world the flotilla will not be allowed into Gaza, no way, no how.

Then Turkey enters the fray and tells Israel “if they touch the boats there will be reprisals” And just yesterday, Israel suddenly allows some cement and building supplies into Gaza for the FIRST time, but not really to help the people there. Because you see those supplies go directly to UNWRA and can only be used on UNWRA buildings, the ones Israel destroyed on purpose. But none of that small bit of supplies can be used to help rebuild any of the thousands of homes Israel also destroyed on purpose. But they made this move so that they can use the propaganda of allowing a bit of cement into Gaza in light of the Flotilla which has tons of cement which WILL be distributed to help people rebuild homes. And this brings us to today, the latest Israeli plan. To offer Turkey some deal to stop the flotilla. Not to worry, Turkey has told them to p-off.”

7.  “BPing the Arctic? Will Obama Allow Shell Oil to Do to Arctic Waters What BP Did to the Gulf?”

8.  “Israel’s Nuclear Bomb Out of the Shadows

Nuclear Offer to Apartheid Regime blows Diplomatic Cover”

9.  “$1 Trillion for Wars Makes No Sense By Any Measure “


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