Posted by: quiscus | May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

1.  “Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media

2.  That’s why he’s the new Foreign Minister:

Incoming British FM Won’t Rule Out Attacking Iran

3.  Shot while being interviewed:

“Red Shirt leader shot, protester killed as Thai unrest continues”

4.  What a bad human being:

“Georgetown Professor: ‘Drones Are Not Killing Innocent Civilians’ in Pakistan ”

5.  “BP: The Unfinished Tale of Imperialism

In  the  light of BP’s crime  against humanity  committed in the the Gulf of Mexico, it  is well  to remember the sordid historical role of BP and its earlier incarnation as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.

This  company was the  apogee of imperialist  rapacity and we should not forget  the judgment of Iran’s president Dr. Mossadeq at the time of the Abadan Crisis,  Its story is littered with blood  and unbounded exploitation.  Its victims of which Iran is but one glaring examole knew nothing of  the scale of its financial swindles.  Its corporate balance sheet was  the Big  Lie writ large.

The entire corporate and accounting structure was a vast machine of lies. BP moved hand in hand with the British government. Among its biggest shareholders  was Churchill and the British Royal Family. that harked back to the pre-l914 dqya. No one except its cabal of gangsterofficialdom knew how much oil  it  extracted from the bowels of our planet.  Listen to the  charge sheet of  the  moderate nationalist that was Dr Mossadeq in 1950.

“It went without saying that as long as a company as the former Anglo-Iranian Oil Company [which subsently re-baptized itself as  BP or British Petroleum]  had a monopoly  over this source of wealth, the government and people of Iran  could not enjoy political independence. Despite its business facade, this company is to be considered  as the modern counterpart of the  old East India Company, which, in a short period extended its control over India. The former Anglo-Iranian Oil Company  had an annual income exceeding that  of the Iranian government;  the same was true of its imports and exports; it intervened actively in the internal affairs  of the country, and threw its weight  about in elections to the Majlis  and the formation of cabinets, acting in a manner calculated to wring the greatest profits from resources under its control. By a complex organization network within the country, by corruption of government ministries, and the illegal support to native journalists and politicians, it had in fact,  created a State  within a State, and little by little  it sapped the independence of the Iranian nation.”

This is the blueprint of imperial genocide. seen in the stricken  soul  of one  of its victims.

This damning  indictment of one of the greatest  criminal  corporations of all  times  has never been  more  succinctly  portrayed.

Today BP is not merely extracting its super profits for  a handful of mega parasites, it is destroying our  fragile planet, our peoples and  its fauna and flora on a scale unprecedented in history.

The crimes of BP  unmasks the face of imperialism  in all  its nakedness and no less  the bankruptcy of  capitalism and its ideological peddlers.”

6.  “US Senate Begins Oil Spill Cover-Up

Indeed, more farcical than the executives’ recriminations against each other was the spectacle of senators attempting to pose as tough critics of the oil industry. The US Senate, like the House of Representatives, the Department of the Interior, and the White House, is for all intents and purposes on the payroll of BP and the energy industry as a whole. Among the senators sitting on the two committees who have received tens of thousands in campaign cash from BP and the oil industry are Richard Shelby (Republican, Alabama), Mary Landrieu (Democrat, Louisiana), John McCain (Republican, Arizona) and Lisa Murkowski (Republican, Alaska).”

7.  “New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens

Particularly in the wake of 9/11 and the Patriot Act era, the rules have been repeatedly rewritten to provide the Government with every conceivable advantage.   The very idea that the Government is hamstrung in its ability to prosecute and imprison Terrorists is absurd on its face.  Decades of pro-government laws in general, and post-9/11 changes in particular, have created a justice system that strangles the rights of those accused of Terrorism.  Despite that, every new incident becomes a pretext for a fresh wave of fear-mongering and still new ways to erode core Constitutional protections even further.

It really is the case that every new Terrorist incident reflexively produces a single-minded focus on one question:   which rights should we take away now/which new powers should we give the Government? We never reach the point where we decide that we have already retracted enough rights.  Further restrictions on rights seems to be the only reaction of which our political and media class is capable in the face of a new attack.  The premise seems to be that if we keep limiting rights further and further, we’ll eventually reach the magical point of Absolute Safety where there will be no more Terrorism.  For so many reasons, that is an obvious myth, one that ensures that we’ll reduce rights infinitely and with no discernible benefit.  We’re not the target of Terrorist attacks because we have too many rights; we’re the target because of our own actions, ones that we never reconsider in light of new attacks because we’re too busy figuring out which rights to erode next.”

8.  What a moron:

The Palin Principle – Bible trumps Constitution”

9.  ”

The nature of the security apparatus has been clearly signaled by the responses to demonstrations ever since 1998 in Seattle, by the increased use of hardened-killer mercenaries at home and abroad, by excessive and abusive police behavior, by airport security procedures, by Guantanamo and renditions, by the creation of a domestic branch of the army, dedicated to responding to civil emergencies, and by the way Katrina and Haiti have been handled.

It would be a major mistake to think of those last two as bungled operations. They were exercises in collapse management of a certain kind, to be applied to certain populations, where the training and equipment appropriate for combat in Afghanistan is seen as being appropriate for administering aid to civilian disaster victims. These selected disaster victims will be seen primarily as threats to civil order, or perhaps undesirables to be incarcerated or eliminated. They will be demonized as rioters and looters. Assistance will comes later, if at all. And it can all be broadcast on TV, and somehow be seen as the way things have to be. These two exercises were not bungled at all. They were alarmingly successful, most notably in the case of the realtime PR mythology.”


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