Posted by: quiscus | March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010

1.  So, quite a few people are aware no planes crashed on 9/11:

“The survey asked respondents whether four things that have been said and written about the events of 9/11 are actually credible. Just 15 per cent of respondents think the collapse of the World Trade Center was the result of a controlled demolition, and the same proportion believe that United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, was shot down.

In addition, 13 per cent of respondents think no airplane actually crashed at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, and six per cent claim that no airplanes crashed into the World Trade Center at all.”

2.  “Some Rogue Regimes Are Less Rogue Than Others

Far from arguing from all of the above that Venezuela should be on a state sponsor of terrorism list, I would argue that no one should be on it.  It is none of our business what Venezuela does or does not do if it does not directly threaten the United States.  The State Department should not be in the business of making lists separating those who are really rogue from those who are less so.  The state sponsor designation is little more than a bureaucratic exercise that is political in nature and serves no practical purpose.  It identifies adversaries that must be punished for one reason or another while carefully avoiding nations like Israel that have the clout of a powerful domestic lobby or Venezuela that has a lot of oil to sell.  It also conveniently ignores Washington’s own sponsorship of terrorist groups, particularly those focused on Iran.  Unfortunately, it is a narrative that has been repeated over and over.  Hypocrisy is deeply ingrained in American foreign and security policy, even when it comes to determining who is actually helping terrorists.”

3.  “EU Selling Torture Equipment

Equipment designed for torturing prisoners is still being exported from European Union (EU) countries despite a four-year-old ban on such trade, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

The human rights group has found that companies active in several of the EU’s 27 states have exploited loopholes in controls aimed at putting an end to the selling of instruments of torture.

The EU rules – in force since 2006 – need to be widened to cover a number of devices that remain outside their scope, Amnesty has argued. It highlights how Nidec, a company trading from Spain, has been dealing in ’stun cuffs’ in the past few years. Intended for restraining a detainee by placing them around his or her limbs, such cuffs inflict a painful electric shock. ”

4.  Still a war crime, even if half a million didn’t die:

“Dresden bombing ‘killed 25,000’

UP to 25,000 people were killed in the controversial Allied bombing of the German city of Dresden during World War II, fewer than often estimated, an official commission concluded today.

After more than five years of research, the Dresden Historians’ Commission released its final report on the firestorm unleashed by British and US bombers February 13-15, 1945, just three months before the end of the war in Europe.

The study is meant to resolve a bitter debate that has raged for decades, with far-right groups claiming that up to 500,000 people were killed in the “criminal” air assault on the Baroque city known as Florence on the Elbe.”

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